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Our testimonials: Gabriela


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Meet Gabriela from Brazil

Student of Clinical, Social and Intercultural Psychology  


"Padova is a city full of events: you can always find something nice to do around, no matter what your hobbies are"


Meet Gabriela

About myself 

Hi! My name is Gabriela, I'm from Brazil, and I completed my whole University journey here in Padova. In 2021, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science, and now, I'm about to graduate in the master's degree of Clinical, Social and Intercultural Psychology. I'm fascinated with psychology because I believe it aims to understand how our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors may affect our mindsets and the way we live our lives. I chose this profession as my biggest dream is helping people to have a better relationship with themselves and because I believe that if we all put more effort into helping one another, the world would be a better place.

During my university path, I had the chance to be a worker student, and all the jobs that I undertook in the last 5 years were connected to UNIPD. The first one was as an English teacher, with the project "Let's speak English" offered by the University. This job consisted of teaching English in an Italian school to kids of approximately 12 years old. It was a great experience, both to me personally and professionally. Then, I had a summer job in the university library Livian" with the program for student collaborations. That was also a great opportunity to earn some money during the summer vacation. Finally, I work since October of 2022 in the Tutoring Office of the Psychology Department, helping students making their lives at UNIPD less complicated. I really feel a sense of purpose with my current job because I know it is very connected to the soul of my profession. Furthermore, I'm getting the chance to enhance my communication, assertiveness, and Italian skills!
Out of my academic life, I really enjoy reading books, practicing yoga and meditation, and being around good friends. Nowadays, I give more value to a calm and meaningful lifestyle, so I love taking walks in the park, going to the beach or to a museum, cooking good meals, or just being around loved ones. Another hobby that I'm passionate with is travelling, and I'm pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and do it each time more. I'm happy with the life I created for myself and I'm fortunate that I made the decision to come to Padova 5 years ago in the first place. It was life changing!


    5 reasons to become a Unipd student    

1) UNIPD offers great support for International Students: we have many offices inside of the University dedicated for improving our lives (e.g., International Desk, International Admission…) and UNIPD also provides many scholarships for international students.
2) Padova is a very young city full of international students: it’s easy to find people that are on the same situation as you and feel more “at home”.
3) UNIPD Psychology courses are in the world TOP 100 list - the quality of Psychology courses is among the best ones globally.
4) The city and the University are strictly connected: you can find many campuses (of different departments) all around town, as well as libraries and cafeterias. In my opinion, that is an amazing thing, because you are not obliged to go to the same library or the same cafeteria, you can move freely between the many places UNIPD offers.
5) Padova is a city full of events: you can always find something nice to do around, no matter what your hobbies are.

    Tips & advices: how to build a successful application for the Master’s in Psychology?    

It really depends on the Master you are applying to. I advise you to start gathering all the documents you need as fast as possible, because translating and validating documentation from other countries can be a long procedure. In Clinical, Social and Intercultural Psychology I remember that having lots of experience in the Psychology field was very important in order to be accepted, but also having good grades in your Bachelor’s degree is crucial. Really put in energy to the way you present yourself and write your application, and if you have time, enhance your experience in the Psychology domain.

    What are some things people might not expect about studying Psychology at UNIPD?    

You are going to meet a lot of people from the most different backgrounds, not only Europeans. I really did not expect that! I thought that international students went mostly to English-speaker countries, but both in my bachelor’s and master’s degrees (held in English) there were more non-Italian students than Italian ones.

    How to spend a summer in Padua (activities, trips, unknown places to explore)?    

Normally International Students come back home for the summer vacation, so the city is way more empty comparing to the rest of the academic year. However, there are many nice places to explore near Padova or around Italy during summer, so I advise you to maybe plan a trip with your closest friends/partner/family and go discover more about the amazing places Italy hides. Renting a car and doing a road trip could be a nice option! In Padova, there are many nightclubs that organize events during summer, or yoga teachers that arrange outside events in the parks around town. Moreover, I love eating in good restaurants in the Colli Euganei (hills very near Padova) on summer nights, going to the public pools or taking a day trip to the nearest beaches (Jesolo, Sottomarina…). Anyway, no matter how you choose to pass your summer, enjoy!

    Is there a particular funny story/episode that happened while in Padua/as Unipd student?    

I remember having lots of fun especially in my first year as a UNIPD student. Padova and the whole “university life” were still new for me, so I had many adventures with my friends, that were mostly international.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying abroad in Italy?    

One special advice is to really try learning Italian. I see many international students coming here and not engaging in learning more about the Italian culture and language and I think that is a pity. Learning new languages and cultures can be great for incrementing your curriculum and for growing as a person, so don’t let that experience pass you by!

Meet our testimonials


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