Our testimonials: Brisejda

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Our testimonials: Brisejda


Meet our testimonials

Meet Brisejda from Albania

Student of Medical Biotechnologies


"I would recommend this degree to all the students that want to improve themselves, to be taught by excellent professors and to experience the possibility to be the representative of your class"


Meet Brisejda

About myself 

I am Brisejda , I am 23 years old about to turn 24 and I have been living and studying in Padova for 1 year and a half now. I came here alone to follow my dream and to create new opportunities for myself.
I am a very passionate student, always looking for new areas and topics of interest. Something else about me is that I am a bit introverted and very selective with the people that I spend my time with, but when I feel comfortable enough with someone, you could sense that I am outgoing and very sociable. Outside of my study field, I like dancing and painting which somehow fill my day with the serotonin that I need. My days in Padova are very busy, but there is always time for me to talk with my family and my boyfriend, and even though being far away from them makes this experience more challenging, it helped me grow up and appreciate them even more.

    What did you like the most about your degree programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

Firstly as some of the subjects where completly new to me I was able to improve my skills and knowledge. The professors provided us with the latest researches and updates about the courses that they taught. Although some courses were very demanding, I personally enjoyed them because I felt challenged to perform even better.
Another important aspect is the fact that we have to journal clubs and presentations be those induvial or in group. Taking into consideration that in our field we will always have to be part of a presentation or give a speech, having the possibility to try and improve during the Master’s degree is very crucial.
All in all, I would recommend this degree to all the students that want to improve themselves, to be taught by excellent professors and to experience the possibility to be the representative of your class. It is a university that offers you to really be and feel part of it.

    Internship/job opportunities for Medical Biotech/UNIPD students: can you describe if there is any and how they work (e.g. are there in fact opportunities, easiness of access, networks or links activated by the teachers/career service)?    

Since I have some more time to finish my degree, I am less actively looking for a job, nevertheless at this point of my studies I am searching for internships for my master thesis in Sweden and Spain: in this sens the Erasmus programme helps us move into the university or the institution that we have been acceepted into for our master thesis
I have also attended a seminar organised by the University’s Career Service where I understood the job positions better and the teacher’s approach to helping us. As they have built relations with different companies they advise us and also help us in completing properly our CV and cover letter, the very first encounter with a potential employer.

    Why did you decide to study in Padua and how have you found the experience so far?    

The first reason to move abroad, was that the University of Padova offers a unique degree programme that is not available in my country. I had different countries in mind, and I wanted to go somewhere near my country and Italy was one of those. As the climate and the people are very similar to what I am used to, I imagined it would made me feel a bit at home. While searching for a university in Italy I came across the University of Padova, it being one of the oldest universities in Europe and also one of the most prestigious especially in medicine, molecular medicine and medical research. I was then sure that it would be my final decision to study in Padova.
With all the ups and downs that living alone has, dealing with the system, new politics, the bureaucracies and the new environment, so far I have enjoyed my stay in Italy, as I am now a part of a place of history and great culture. I have learned here that you can work hard everyday but also pay yourself a time of rest as ‘’Dolce far niente’’ and not feel guilty about it

    TIPS & ADVICES: go-to places for students    

Well as I am not so much outgoing on the daily basis, I really enjoy the local caffees for a cappucino with a cornetto or a quick espresso with my classmates, but I would suggest you take advantage and explore as much as you can as it is an experience that will not come again.
I would suggest as well to go to Venice, Verona, Rome and Milano, as these are some of the places that I have been able to visit. I can very openly say that Italy is a whole different experience. I perfectly know that you will be worried with not having enough time, but with you will see and understand that besides studying and reaching your goals, you also need to truly live

    Have you found it easy to meet new people since starting university? How have you done this?    

It highly depends on the personality that you have, but for something I am pretty certain that everyone of my classmates has approched me since the first days and have been trying to make me feel part of the class. Most of them already knew each other but as time went by I felt part of the group as well. I can very proudly say that I have found myself some very good friends which I hope to have for a very long time.
It all starts from your class, and then to the different events that the university has: there are specific days for meeting international students, where you can meet people from yours and other countries as well. You can really feel now as part of a bigger world, as studying abroad is an experience that can not the replaced, one of growth and improvement.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying abroad in Italy?    

I would say to not be afraid to make the move, I know it sounds cliché and I am not saying that it is easy, but you can do it if you put your mind and heart into it. If ever in difficulty do not be afraid to ask for help, as there are offices and people that can help you.
Take one step at a time, maybe slowly but steadily everything will go to its place.
Don’t give up, maybe you won’t get an exam on the first try and there can be many reasons to it as we are humans, but you have chances to do better and will do better.
Enjoy your stay, make friends and learn the language.
Finally, I would say just be yourself and always look forward to better things.

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