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Our testimonials: Audrey


Meet our testimonials

Meet Audrey from Indonesia

Student of the Master degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies


"I like that my degree programme is taught in English so it’s not necessary to learn a new language. I love that I got to meet people with different nationalities since this is an international class. "


Meet Audrey

About myself 

I'm on the second year of pursuing a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies. It had always been my dream to study abroad. I also love travelling as it's a way of spending money that makes you richer: being able to meet new people, learning new culture, trying new food, and admiring beautiful buildings and landscapes are priceless. Being able to study in Italy answers all of the above.

    How to submit a successful application? Tips & advices    

Based on my experience applying to Unipd, I found that there are a few main things you need to pay attention to submit a successful application. I believe there must be at least hundreds of applications to be considered by the university, so it is crucial to be aware and respect the deadlines because late applications won’t be accepted. In order to do so, I recommend you prepare all the documents needed as early as you can because certain documents might take a long time to be obtained. It is also important to fill in the application thoroughly and carefully. Please make sure to fill in the data correctly and spare some time to check your application before submitting.
In writing the motivation letter, write a little bit about yourself, what motivates you to apply, why you choose Unipd and the degree programme(s) of your choice, your short and long-term goals, how you are planning to achieve them, and how getting a degree in Unipd is going to help you to achieve your goals. Through a motivation letter, they want to know more about you so don’t copy, just be yourself, and start writing your own original motivation letter.
Best of luck and I hope to see you in Padua next academic year!

    What are some things people might not know about studying in Italy?    

Italian universities have a different grading system. Exams are graded on a scale from 0 to 30. In order to pass the exam, you need to achieve at least 18 but the good news is you can retake the exam a few times.
Finding an accommodation that suits you may take some time: I personally suggest to start trying to find an accommodation a few months before the beginning of the semester and be careful of scams.
During the weekdays, the libraries are full of students studying or doing assignments until around 6pm. Work hard, play hard.

    What did you like the most about your degree programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

I like that my degree programme is taught in English so it’s not necessary to learn a new language. Even though English is not my mother tongue, I have been learning English since elementary school so it is easier for me to understand the lessons in English rather than if it was taught in another language. I love that I got to meet people with different nationalities since this is an international class. My classmates are Italians, Iranians, Kazakhs, Indians, Moroccan, and Egyptian. I’m very glad that the curriculum of my degree programme gives me the knowledge and skills that would be useful for me to pursue a career as a pharmaceutical biotechnologist after graduating.

    Why you need to apply to Unipd?    

Unipd is a well-known university and one of the best universities in Italy with 800 years of experience.
There are a lot of scholarships offered every year. These scholarships are provided by the departments, by Unipd (Padua International Excellence Scholarship, fee-waivers, and Galilean School of Higher Education Scholarship), and the Italian government (MAECI and IYT Scholarship).
Unipd is open to international students and offers degree programmes taught in English.

Meet our testimonials



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