Our testimonials: Ana Beatriz

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Our testimonials: Ana Beatriz


Meet our testimonials

Meet Ana Beatriz from Brazil

Student of MA in Mobility Studies


"I had the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people, which made my experience in Padova very unique. Whether at University or in other activities around the city, I had a lot of joy in most of my days"


Meet Ana Beatriz

About myself 

I am a Brazilian student and I am finishing my MA in Mobility Studies. I have a Bachelor's degree in international relations and after some years working in Brazil, I decided to pursue my dream and applied for the MA program at UNIPD. I came to Padova in September 2021, and I really liked the city and my programme since the first day. Besides living in Padova, I spent a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany, as an Erasmus+ student, where I followed courses in the MA in Global History.
Within the University of Padua, I worked as Tutor for International Students and as Tutor for students with disabilities. It was a super nice opportunity to help other students and to meet new people.
I also had the opportunity to participate in a Summer School for Migration and Development at Charles University in Prague and in a Training School about Women and Migration in the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. All these opportunities were important for me to strengthen my knowledge about migration, which is the topic I study and was totally connected to my studies in Padova.

    Why studying Humanities in Padua?    

The University provides a very nice environment for studying in general, and I would say that it is very favourable to the humanities because of its historical sites, access to many books throughout the many libraries around the city, and a place where people foment discussions and dialogue. The overall environment for studies is very inspiring!

    Did you participate in any extracurricular activity organised by your degree programme and/or Department and/or University?    

During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous fascinating activities organized by my department. In fact, the department regularly hosts seminars on various subjects and often invites professors from other universities to speak. Even if the topic wasn't directly related to my area of interest, I would still attend because it always seemed intriguing, and I was never let down.

    What are some features that students might not expect from the Mobility Studies programme? Which are your favourite?    

I absolutely love the Mobility Studies programme because it's so awesome in many ways! First off, they offer a wide range of topics, so you can pick the ones that really interest you. And since it's taught in English, you get to meet students from all over the world, which makes the whole experience super exciting and eye-opening.
The best part is that most of the students come from different backgrounds, which brings in a bunch of different perspectives. It's amazing how much you can learn from your classmates! Plus, the programme encourages interdisciplinary thinking, which is pretty nice and a must in the academic environment today.
The professors are always approachable and super friendly. They're more than happy to chat about research, and the programme, or lend a hand whenever you need it. Also, after the first year, they organize a feedback session where we can share our thoughts and help shape the programme together.
All in all, the Mobility Studies programme is amazing because of its wide-ranging topics, diverse student community, interdisciplinary approach, and supportive faculty.

    How do students spend their summer in Padua?    

Padova offers a lot of exciting activities! Thanks to its very good location, it is very easy to go around on daily trips and enjoy the weather outside. A day walk in Venice, enjoy the day on one of the beaches along the Adriatic Sea, a bike ride to the Colli Euganei and enjoy some great food at one of the agriturismos, trekking in the Dolomites, a visit to Lake Garda and discover beautiful towns around, such as Bassano del Grappa. Also, Padova and its surroundings come alive with a lot of concerts and festivals during this summer.

    What is the food like in Padua? What is your favourite Italian dish and why?    

Discovering the culinary delights of Padova and Italy as a whole has been an incredible experience! I must confess, choosing just one pasta dish is an almost impossible task when there are so many mouthwatering options available. However, if I had to pick a favourite, it would undoubtedly be Pasta al ragù.
But let me not forget to mention the gastronomic wonders found in Venice and the charming corners of Piazza dei Signori. Prepare to be amazed by all the flavours of cicchetti. Among all, I would say that Baccalà stands out as an absolute must-try regional delicacy. And of course, don’t forget to try a lot of flavours of gelato!

    Describe your experience so far in three words. Why did you choose them?    

Growth: it was a period where I learnt a lot, not only academically, but also, as a person. Living in a different country always brings us a lot of different enriching perspectives.

Diversity: During my experience in Padova, I had the opportunity to meet people from many countries and they taught me things that I will carry with me forever.

Fun: I had the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people, which made my experience in Padova very unique. Whether at University or in other activities around the city, I had a lot of joy in most of my days.

Meet our testimonials


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