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Our testimonials: Ahmed


Meet our testimonials

Meet Ahmed from Egypt

Student of Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies


"The family feeling, as I am in touch with many Italian classmates every day, which gave me the opportunity to discover how friendly, kind, and helpful they are."


Meet Ahmed

About myself 

Hello everyone, this is Ahmed Samaha. I am from Egypt, and I got my Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and Drug Technology at Heliopolis University, Cairo, Egypt.
Currently, I am a first-year student in the Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies Master's degree programme at UNIPD. I am a self-motivated person who craves knowledge and looks forward to facing challenges, and curiosity has always driven me to experience every new. Throughout my Pharmacy studies at the undergraduate level, I have always been intrigued by the fields of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and how technology can be dynamically exploited to serve the world of biological systems. This burning passion makes me always determined to understand this scope to my fullest capacity, discovering new horizons that aid humanity in curing diseases and adding to the academic body of research and developments. That's why I took the chance to expand upon my knowledge and experiences in the field of "Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies" by pursuing my M.Sc. degree in this field.

    What are the best features of your degree?    

Since day one, I have seen a limitless area of exploration in the Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies M.Sc. programme, and I am really dazzled by the interdisciplinary nature of the program. From my experience, and as I said, the program has an interdisciplinary nature, but at the end of the second semester, I realized that the courses were connected and complementary to each other at one point, and I believe that at the end of the program, I will have a complete picture of the programme. So, if you are looking forward to learning from renowned professors in high-quality laboratories and adding to the research body of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies field, this program at UNPID is your perfect choice.
I am also really fascinated by the experience of exam sessions, as most of our exams are oral, and I think it’s a good way to help the students develop authentic communication skills in their discipline and enable us to practice how to talk like scientists, which will help us later in the workplace. Aside from this, it provides the professor with an opportunity to clarify the question in case the student has not understood it. Also, we have a flexible schedule, usually 5 exam sessions for each course, so you can simply make your own schedule as you need, and this was a new experience as in my country, I had a fixed exam schedule (in a specific time frame), and this put a lot of pressure on the student.
Furthermore, we do many activities such as PowerPoint presentations, poster presentations, and journal clubs, and all of these activities improve the students’ soft skills like teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and presentation skills.

    What did you like most about your time at UNIPD?    

The atmosphere here is what I enjoy most since there are so many students everywhere you go in Padua—in the streets, restaurants, coffee shops, transportation systems, and just about every other setting. The university buildings are also spread out over the city, which is a fantastic experience that I have never had before, and their blend of historical and modern architecture is appealing.
Additionally, the professors here have an advanced level of knowledge and skills, as they are not only academically qualified but also have what it takes to ultimately create a learning environment that is conducive to learning, motivates students, and encourages participation, which guarantees a successful student environment.
Last but not least, the family feeling, as I am in touch with many Italian classmates every day, which gave me the opportunity to discover how friendly, kind, and helpful they are. I consider myself lucky to have great friends who always give me support and help me a lot during difficult times. Besides this, we have a good number of international students in our program, which provides opportunities for unique cross-cultural experiences.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying abroad in Italy?    

Take the advantage of being a UNIPD student and try to maximize your academic experience as much as you can. Being a student, the first priority is to study, but remember also that each one has to find the balance between the studying time and the free time, as going out and doing some activities serves like a brain break, which makes you focused and ready to pursue your studies again, and it will encourage the development of your social and communication skills, so having some free time is as important as the studying time.
Also, at the beginning, you may have some difficulties, like anyone who leaves their country and decides to go and study abroad in a foreign country where they are not familiar with their education system, but you should not give up; just remember your goal, give yourself time, and don’t stress yourself to be able to overcome any obstacles you face. Moreover, learning the basics of the Italian language is important, as it can be quite helpful for coping outside of university time.

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