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The University of Padova believes in investing in young people to give new impetus to research. Training researchers is one of the main purposes of the university, and this area has recently been organised into 34 schools (each providing more than one doctorate course) and 4 autonomous doctorate courses. Doctorate research activities range from the training of future generations of university lecturers and researchers to the preparation of professionals with the specific skills needed to work in the R&D centres of industries and at independent institutions.

The completeness of our training programmes and their cultural and inter-disciplinary open-mindedness mean that research students benefit from an extremely broad choice of professional opportunities even outside the academic field.

To improve mobility among doctorate students and to provide an opportunity for study periods abroad to complement their research, the University of Padova has promoted strong links with universities in other European Union countries, and has encouraged interuniversity co-operation for the purpose of developing jointly-run and tutored doctorate courses.
One example of these links is the University of Padova’s participation in the Coimbra Group’s doctorate task force.

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