Animal care

First cycle degree - a. y. 2017/2018

to be approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Research
Class: L-38 - Zoology
Duration: 3 years
Branch: Padova
Language: English

Characteristics and objectives
The course targets Italian and foreign students interested in the field of animal care, in national and international contexts, offering a unique educational pathway in the Mediterranean area of Europe. 
The specific learning objectives meet the requirements of professionals who can be then employed in companies, private and public organizations in which the management, health, welfare and the preservation of animals is conducted in accordance to a modern and international approach. 
The main purpose of the international undergraduate degree course in Animal Care is the achievement of knowledge, skills and competences in order to develop qualified human resources, specialized in animal care and welfare, in different sectors but mainly in relation to an individual view of the animal.

Occupational opportunities
The graduate in Animal Care is prepared to take care of the animal and protect its wellbeing. The work varies depending on the area considered: from the care of wildlife in a controlled environment, for educational, research and preservation purposes, to that of coadjutor in support of veterinarians or expert in the monitoring and care of animals intended for recreational, research, educational, sports and assistance activities. In addition, the training received will allow graduates to connect and integrate the actions promoted by more specialized professionals (veterinarian, biologist, zoologist, etc.) who work in the field of animal care.

EU students and non-EU students with residency in Italy: 35
Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 5
of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 1

Access modalities
Access to this degree course is granted on the basis of two requisites:
1. High school diploma or other equivalent title gained abroad.
2. An entry test in English to evaluate candidate's general knowledge.
The applicants must be in possession of an adequate initial preparation including a satisfactory familiarity with:
- mathematics and physics;
- biology and general chemistry;
- English language (B2 minimum level)

In the event that the student is not in possession of a language certificate corresponding to B2 level, the language level will be evaluated through a placement test.

From first to second cycle degrees

This first cycle degree program allows access to:

1) any of the second cycle degree programs Class: LM-86 Livestock management offered in the Italian universities
2) a second cycle degree course offered by foreign universities. This option is strictly related to the possibility to create strategic partnerships with other countries in order to improve student mobility.

prof. Lieta Marinelli

The University of Padova offers full fee-waivers to students who have obtained (or are about to obtain) the qualification to be admitted to the chosen Degree course in a foreign institution (e.g. external to Italian Higher Education System). Fee-waivers are offered for 1 academic year.

Detailed information are provided under Tuition Fee-waivers for students enrolling in degrees courses held in English


The total amount of the fees depends on the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index) and on the chosen degree (unless scholarships or reductions). 

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