PhD Course

Mathematical Sciences

Thematic area Hard Sciences
Duration 3 years
Language English
PhD Programme Coordinator Giovanni Colombo

The PhD Programme in Mathematics is run within the "Tullio Levi-Civita" Department of Mathematics, that has a long tradition and about 100 faculty. It offers a wide range of research topics, from the more abstract to the more applied ones.

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The PhD in Mathematical Sciences aims to provide its students with a high-level education that is addressed towards a professional or academic career in the area of mathematics and its applications. It aims to provide PhD fellows all necessary skills to perform a highly qualified research activity, also of an interdisciplinary nature, both at academic and non-academic institutions. The quality of our doctoral students from previous years, and therefore our ability to achieve the above-mentioned goals, is witnessed by their excellent position both in international academic institutions and in private companies. The faculty of the "Tullio Levi-Civita" Mathematical Department includes about a hundred researchers, who cover many research areas of modern mathematics. This allows the PhD in Mathematical Sciences to offer not only an introduction to research, but also a vast educational offer. Our PhD students, therefore, can get acquainted with techniques and concepts from different fields of mathematics, thus receiving a wide cultural education.

Working activities after the PhD may include:

  • Research and teaching both in universities and in research institutions.
  • Banks, insurance companies: Expert in financial analysis and forecasts, quantitative assessment of the risk associated with productive and/or financial investment and definition of resource allocation policies.
  • Expert in distribution logistics for the optimization of activities such as customer service, demand forecasting, communication management, inventory management, material handling, scheduling, location of factories and warehouses, transport (including airports) and distribution, warehousing and storage.
  • Expert in the processing and management of large amounts of data using Data Science mathematical tools.
  • Expert and developer of numerical methods and applied modeling in companies, public and private companies and research centers.

Interested people are suggested to visit the web page of the Department of Mathematics that is devoted to the research topics, at the URL

The number of PhD fellowships may change every year, its average being of about ten. Every PhD fellow is assigned a desk in the part of Department building that is devoted to PhD students: this allows to create a good research community and environment. Extensive seminar activities are held every year within the Department of Mathematics. The educational offer includes both topics of wide interest and more advanced research oriented courses.


  • Mathematics
  • Computational Mathematics


Giovanni Colombo (Coordinator) 

Loretta Dalla Costa (Administrative Contact Person)