PhD Course

Industrial engineering

Thematic area Hard Sciences
Duration 3 years
Language English
PhD Programme Coordinator Giulio Rosati

Covering the entire area of Industrial Engineering with its five Curricula, the Course aims to train a diversified and complete range of high-level scientific and engineering skills.

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The Course aims to train a diversified and complete range of scientific and engineering skills in the field of Industrial Engineering, all of a high level. Each of the Curricula of the Course supports training objectives and programs that are directly related to research groups and projects that also operate in several Departments of the University of Padua and in other Universities and Research Centers. The interconnections between the Curricula of the Course, educational objectives, groups and research projects emerge in all their articulation and importance from the reading of the specific educational objectives of each Curriculum. 

The Course therefore allows to activate ever new research paths within the various research groups: the influence of different paths can allow the birth of new ideas and the development of new strands of knowledge, with a strong multidisciplinary character . Furthermore, the collaboration with PhD students from previous cycles allows the establishment of an effective and efficient working method. 

The course intends to train highly qualified professional figures capable of operating with roles of responsibility and coordination (a) in functional areas of a predominantly technical nature of the manufacturing and process industry, (b) in the advanced tertiary sector and (c) in the centers public and private research. The Curricula of the Course contextualize the professional figures in various specific areas of industrial engineering. All major areas of interest are covered, including Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. 

The presence of high-level corporate partners who contribute to the financing of numerous positions aims at a more effective technology transfer thanks to the development of projects in close collaboration with the company and by encouraging the hiring of talents thus trained in Italian companies 'innovation. In this way, the knowledge developed in the University can bear fruit not only at a scientific level but also at an industrial level, aiming to improve the competitiveness of the Italian and multinational companies that participate in the projects and that take on PhDs in Industrial Engineering.


  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Valentina Fazio
Settore Didattica e Post Lauream - DII
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