PhD Course

Oncology and immunology

Thematic area Medical and Biomedical Sciences
Duration 3 years
Language English
PhD Programme Coordinator Rosato Antonio

The PhD program provides high-level training to post-graduate students who intend to pursue a research career in basic or clinical oncology. Practical training is offered in participating laboratories with recognized expertise in diverse aspects of cancer research.

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The program fosters a multidisciplinary approach, with particular emphasis placed on overcoming the barriers between basic and applied research. Fruitful cultural exchanges are encouraged to favour the acquisition of a translational perspective. Public and private institutions contribute to several lines of research offered by the School. Research activities exploit state-of-the-art technologies and focus on the transfer of innovative technology to diagnostics and therapeutic strategies.

The following research lines are covered:

  1. Bioinformatics applied to the study of tumors
  2. Cyto-histopathology and molecular pathology in oncology
  3. Tumor immunology and immunotherapy approaches
  4. Molecular markers predicting response to therapy in patients with solid tumors
  5. Hematological tumors
  6. Genetic predisposition to cancer
  7. The role of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in the pathogenesis of tumors