PhD Course


Thematic area Life Sciences
Duration 3 years
Language English
PhD Programme Coordinator Chiara Romualdi

The course gives the opportunity to complete education in the field of biology in the context of world-class research and international frame in which interdisciplinary training is highly favoured.

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The scientific goals of the Ph.D. school in Biosciences consist in providing the students the opportunity to work on highly innovative research lines addressing questions of both basic and applied research. We offer an excellent scientific training paralleled by ongoing and challenging dialogue between the students and faculties. The diversification of the scientific objectives characterizes our PhD programme in Biosciences and this has a high positive impact on the research training of the doctoral students.

The board members of the school work on topics at all levels of the biological organization, ranging from molecules to organisms and ecosystems. Studies at the molecular level are associated with attention towards the environment and ecology, through an integration of diverse scientific competences in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, botanic, plant physiology, zoology, anatomy, physiology, antropology, eco-toxicology, ecology and evolution biology and philosophy of science. Such a rich palette of topics strongly promotes also applicative projects, with important social and economical aspects in the local territory as well as an interdisciplinary attitude.

The research activity of the Ph.D. students is promoted by excellent infrastructure at the Department of Biology (Department of Excellence in Italy) and in general at the Vallisneri building (for example a state-of-the art imaging, sequencing facilities) as well as at the Hydrobiology station in Chioggia and at the Botanical Garden of Padova.

The programme of the course is completed by courses on general and specific topics as well as numerous seminars and joint activities among students (for example Ph.D. day). Our Ph.D. Students can capitalize on their high-level formation in order to find a position in the academy as well as industry in different fields.


  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Evolution Ecology Conservation
  • Genetics Genomics Bioinformatics