MSCA PF Fellow: Ricardo Isaac Rodríguez Pérez

PDFProject:  ChirAzaL - Unconventional Crafting of Chiral Aza-compounds using Visible Light Photocatalysis

Ricardo Isaac Rodríguez Pérez


MSCA Fellow: Ricardo Isaac Rodríguez Pérez 

UNIPD Supervisor: Luca Dell’Amico

Department: Chemical Sciences

Total Contribution:  Euro 172.750,08

Project Duration in months: 24

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Ricardo Isaac Rodríguez. After getting his Master´s degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México where the use of optically active sulfoxides was the main scientific motivation, Ricardo Rodríguez was awarded a Fundación Carolina grant to conduct his doctoral studies in a Spanish institution. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean and joined the research group of Prof. José Alemán at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. After spending four years of research focused on the design of novel asymmetric organo- and photo-catalyzed transformations, he defended his thesis with the highest honors in September 2022. Afterwards, attracted by the high quality of Prof. Luca Dell’Amico’s scientific ideas, he joined his research group at the University of Padova. 

The Department of Chemical Sciences is the top-level enclosure in which Ricardo will develop his MSCA project ChirAzaL. The latter is named after the ultimate target of the blueprint: the unconventional crafting of synthetic transformations aiming the synthesis of Chiral Aza-compounds driven by visible Light. Ricardo enjoys going to the movies with his wife and watching salmon-fishing bears.