MSCA PF Fellow: Seyyed Abbas Noorian Najafabadi

PDFProject:  ENLIVEN - hiErarchical metal-orgaNic framework @covaLent organic framework (MOF @COF) on carbon nanofIbers for electrocatalytic CO2 conVErsioN

Noorian Najafabadi Seyyed Abbas


MSCA Fellow: Seyyed Abbas Noorian Najafabadi

UNIPD Supervisor:  Stefano Agnoli

Department:  Chemical Sciences

Total Contribution:  Euro 172.750,08

Project Duration in months: 24

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Seyyed Abbas Noorian Najafabadi received his BSc in textile chemistry and fibre science, followed by an MSc in nanofibrous materials from Iran. His focus was on the in situ synthesis and functionalisation of textiles at the nanostructure level. In 2019, he completed his PhD with a joint program between Amirkabir University of Technology on textile chemistry and fibre science and the University of Granada (Spain) on chemistry (inorganic). During his PhD, he specialised in inorganic-organic coordination chemistry by working on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for controlled topical drug delivery systems. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Granada, he developed porous photocatalysts based on MOFs and covalent-organic frameworks (COFs) on carbon spheres for the degradation of chemical warfare in Prof. Jorge A. R. Navarro's group. In 2022, he joined Prof. Philomena Bluyssen's group at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), where his research shifted towards studying indoor air quality by sensory evaluation of the sorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on flooring materials.

In 2023, Abbas was awarded an MSCA-PF for the project ENLIVEN, which focuses on valorising CO2 through electrocatalysis by developing robust, conductive multi-composite thin films of (MOF/COF) supported on carbon nanofibers. He aims to merge his expertise in fibrous materials and coordination chemistry to improve the system's efficiency, selectivity and stability by acquiring expertise in electrochemistry. Abbas will conduct ENLIVEN at the Department of Chemical Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Agnoli.