MSCA PF Fellow: Marco Bellano

PDFProject:  FICTA SciO - Figuring the Invisible: Conventions and Tactics in Animation for Science Outreach

Marco Bellano


MSCA Fellow: Marco Bellano

UNIPD Supervisor:  Alessandro Faccioli 

Department:  Cultural Heritage: Archaeology and History of Art, Cinema and Music 

Total Contribution:  Euro 207.609,60 

Project Duration in months: 24

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Marco Bellano, PhD, is research fellow and adjunct professor in the History of Animation and in Digital and Interactive Multimedia at the University of Padova (Italy). In 2018, he received the National Scientific Qualification for Academic Staff as associate professor in the 10/C1 area. He formerly taught at the Boston University Study Abroad Padua, at the University of Salamanca and at the Conservatory of Ferrara. He is author of articles, book chapters and monographs about animation and film music (Václav Trojan. Music Composition in Czech Animated Films. CRC Press, 2019; Allegro non troppo. Bruno Bozzettos Animated Music, Bloomsbury, 2021; 24 fotogrammi per una storia dell’animazione, Dino Audino, 2021). In 2020, he wrote a chapter of the Wiley Companion to Federico Fellini, on the drawings of the director. In 2014, he received the Norman McLaren-Evelyn Lambart Award for the Best Scholarly Article from the SAS-Society for Animation Studies. He organised and chaired international conferences on animation, such as the 29th SAS annual conference (2017). He is in the scientific board of the Mutual Images Journal and of Cabiria - Studi di cinema. He participates in international research initiatives, as the Erasmus+ project Co-POEM. He is also a graduate pianist and conductor; he collaborates to the educational programs and concerts of the Palazzetto Bru Zane - Centre de musique romantique française (Venice, Italy).