The Course Catalogue

The University of Padova is a large comprehensive research intensive university, made of a central leadership and 32 Departments. The central administration is complemented by decentralised units (e.g. in each Department).

Degree programmes are in the capacity of the Departments, based on the guidelines decided centrally. University degree programmes are grouped into 8 main areas (Schools).

As a whole, the University offers about 80 first-cycle (Bachelor level) degree courses as well as about 80 second-cycle (Master level) degree courses and 11 one-tier degree courses (5 or 6 years long). Again as a whole, within the above degree courses it offers over 4.450 taught course units and other educational activities for a total of about 30.400 ECTS credits.

An institutional  multitask and fully bilingual Course Catalogue is available in Italian and in English. A direct switch from the IT to the EN version and vice-versa is possible at any step of the related web-tree. This catalogue fulfils several tasks and contains exhaustive academic and administrative information.