Open Badge

An Open Badge is a digital certificate of disciplinary knowledge, soft and technical skills acquired.

An Open Badge has a graphic part, the image, and some specific information, metadata, on the skill acquired or the goal achieved, how it was verified, who issued it and who received it.

Open Badges are certified by the issuing body and are internationally recognised. They are stored in a dedicated platform, saved in an open source and app-readable format.

Why should you claim your Open Badge?

  • to make your skills more marketable;
  • to apply, through social networks, to companies which recruit individuals with specific knowledge, skills and competences;
  • to validate and enhance the value of what you have acquired through the years and make it visible in your e-Portfolio;
  • to improve and further develop your certified skills, by boosting your professional growth and employability;
  • to enrich your digital curriculum vitae;
  • to collect, display and share them;
  • to help share information stored in it in a quick and reliable way in different fields (job search, recruiting by companies, etc.) at international level;
  • to share them on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) by sending the badge image you can download from the dedicated page or by sending the link to the page;
  • to improve the web reputation of recruiters who take open badges into consideration for recruitment;
  • to improve the visibility and web reputation of the issuing body.

Useful information

  How to show the Diploma Supplement in your Open Badge

The Open Badges issued upon graduation will be integrated with the Diploma Supplement.

When you graduate, you receive the open badge. As soon as the Diploma Supplement is also issued, you will be notified of it and you will be able to make it visible in the Open Badge.

You just need to:

  • having accepted the open badge following the email received from Bestr;
  • re-access the Open Badge for degree on the website
  • move the slide button that appears next to the sentence ‘make it visible to other users’ to ‘yes’.

From now on your Diploma Supplement is visible on all the social networks where you share the Open Badge.