Open Badge

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badges are digital certificates stating any disciplinary knowledge, personal skills (soft skills) and technical skills acquired.

They consist of a graphical element, i.e. an image, and some specifications, i.e. the metadata, which indicate a competence or skill acquired or a goal achieved, the method used to evaluate it, the indication of who issued it and the identity of the person who obtained it.

They are guaranteed by the provider and are internationally recognized.

They are hosted within a dedicated platform , which uses an open source format, and can be read by all applications that read Open Badges.

 Why should you redeem an Open Badge?

  • to give more visibility to the competences you have acquired;
  • to promote yourself through social networks to companies seeking to hire people with specific knowledge, abilities and competencies;
  • to validate and make the most of what learnt through the years and make it visible thanks to your personal e-Portfolio;
  • because they enable you to improve and expand your certified skills, promoting professional growth and employability;
  • because they integrate your electronic personal curriculum vitae;
  • because they can be collected, displayed and shared;
  • because they allow you to communicate quickly and reliably, at an international level, the information they carry in various areas (job search, corporate recruiting, etc.);
  • because they can be shared through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) by downloading and sending the image of the badge from the relevant page or by linking to it;
  • to bolster the web reputation of those who consider Open Badges useful for recruitment purposes;
  • to increase the visibility and web reputation of those who issue Open Badges.

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