What is it?

The EU Research Hub @Unipd is an operational unit coordinated by the International Research Office. It consists of an experts’ team dedicated to strengthening H2020 project design services (Horizon Europe programme in the next future), offered to University researchers and research groups. The project intends to respond to the University's need to adopt innovative measures to foster and improve the impact of collaborative research conducted by the Departments on international funds.



The EU Research Hub @Unipd works with Unipd researchers and research groups in the pre-award stages, preparing the collaborative proposal to be nominated for funding on international funds.

  • Matching between researchers’ interests and funding opportunities available on international funding programs
  • Sharing resources and methodologies useful to the University research teams in the proposal writing process
  • Searching for adequate industrial and technological partners to be involved in a coordinated collaborative proposal presented by a research groups active at Department level of the University
  • Participation increase and enhancement of Padua University in international research networks
  • Training activities for doctoral students, post-graduates and confirmed staff in the field of support in project proposal writing, from the construction of the consortium to the project structure.


Members of the EU Research HUB@UNIPD

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