5 years single cycle degree in

Law (Padova)

Class: LMG/01 - Law

y2024 WUR Subject Law and Legal Studies badge 250
Class LMG/01 - Law
Duration 5 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator CHIARA MARIA VALSECCHI
Access Open access with assessment test
Reference structures Department of public, international and community law, Law school

A course based on the fundamentals of national and European legal culture, while addressing the new realities of the legal profession. In the framework of the renewed School of Law at the University of Padua, students will deal head on with the study of public and private law from a historical and philosophical perspective. Students will acquire the understanding of procedural techniques in the civil, criminal, administrative, international and European laws. Students are given the opportunity to study abroad thanks to partnering universities within Europe and beyond. Students will be ready to start their career, after obtaining the necessary qualifications, in judiciary, legal, notary, as well as in professional diplomatic arenas. Students will also be able to undertake a managerial career in private businesses, public administration, institutions, as well as in many socio-economic and political activities.

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Characteristics and objectives
The course provides a solid knowledge of national and international law, also in an historical and philosophical perspective.
Students will acquire highly valued transferable legal skills which will significantly develop and enhance analytical, evaluative, reasoning, communication and problem-solving abilities; they deepen the knowledge of procedural techniques in the civil, criminal, administrative, international and European laws. The School offers also exchange programs with prestigious foreign universities.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates will be qualified to:
- hold positions of responsibility within public administration and private business;
- enter either the Bar, the Magistracy and Notaries, although degree is not the only prerequisite. Candidates to the Bar should also attend a training period in a Law Firm and an exam. To access the open competitive exam for the Magistracy is mandatory to be alternatively a Member of the Bar, a PhD in Legal Studies, to have a Diploma of a Specialisation School for the Legal Professions or to have completed a Court Trainee period. To access the Notarial open competitive exam is necessary an apprenticeship in a notary's office;
- enter the diplomatic service or teaching at colleges and universities.