Second cycle degree in

Biotecnologie per l'alimentazione

Class: LM-9 - Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Medical biotechnologies

Class LM-9 - Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Medical biotechnologies
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Programme coordinator MAURO DACASTO
Reference structures Department of comparative biomedicine and food science, School of agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine

The course is divided into two curricula, Biotechnologies for Food (in Italian) and Biotechnologies for Food Science (in English). The course prepares students to carry out complex coordination and guidance activities needed in the biotechnology sector. The course covers a variety of subjects from biotechnological methodologies to the characterization and understanding of the agro-food chain. Students experience laboratory activities and a full semester dedicated to experimental activities aimed to prepare students for final exams. An innovative course that prepares students to operate both in the field of food safety and quality control as well as professional food production that operates under present-day challenges.