Second cycle degree in

Management of educational services and life long education

Class: LM-50 - Development and management of education services & LM-57 - Adult and continuing education

2023 Education6
Class LM-50 - Development and management of education services & LM-57 - Adult and continuing education
Duration 2 years
Branch Rovigo
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator ELISABETTA GHEDIN
Access Open access with admission requirements

Next Calls for applications (international students) - A.Y. 2024/25:

  • 1st Call: 2 November 2023 - 2 February 2024
  • 2nd Call: 2 March - 2 May 2024
  • 3rd Call (ONLY EU and equated students): 2 June - 2 August 2024


A master's course that spans different classes in the socio-educational area with the common objective of preparing managers in the educational and training professions by including a dialogue between professional organizations and the community. With LM 57 (Adult Education and Continuing Education Sciences) students will specialize in training, organizational development, human resource management, and professional orientation. With LM 50 (Programming and Management of Educational Services) students will develop the skills for managing socio-educational services of individuals and organizations. Students can pursue careers in the fields of adult education, continuous learning, and human resource management (LM 57) or the management of educational and rehabilitation services connected to the work and life situations. (LM 50).

Continuing education and management; Management dei servizi educativi e formazione continua

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Characteristics and objectives
The Management of Educational Services and Continuing Education (M.Ed) Program focus is to train managers in the field of education and training professions. There are two curricula LM57 and LM50 in this program with converging and diverging professional interests in the socio educational field. LM57 focuses on the development of expert skills in training and organizational development, human resource management and educational guidance in employment services while LM-50 focuses on the coordination skills and management of socio-educational services, education and training addressed at the individual and at organizations.
Both of these degrees offer courses and some activities in English, as well as opportunities for exchanges within the Erasmus program thanks to specific agreements and the proposal of an international winter school which takes place every year in February in Germany (Würzburg) at the Julius-Maximilians University. Further these degrees involve a blended mix of both classroom (50%) and online activities (50%). They share a project that promotes dialogue with organizations and professional communities, through which selected graduates carry out research for their thesis in organizations.

Occupational opportunities
This degree aims to prepare professionals in adult education, continuing education, and in management and development of human resources. Its purpose is to develop skills in training and coordination of training activities, personnel evaluation and certification of skills in organizations (businesses, services, training agencies). We provide graduates in-depth knowledge from the educational, psychological, sociological, philosophical and economic fields; develop skills and abilities to work in education and training using appropriate methods and technologies; offer opportunities for action research in organizations and developing tools for educational and professional guidance.
Moreover, this degree prepares graduates to be qualified experts in the management, coordination, organization and evaluation of educational services, rehabilitation and training related to different work situations (local, regional, national, European).
It aims to train professionals to work effectively in the education, and training related to individual and social issues, with a peculiar attention to individual with special needs and social and cultural rights. Specifically this degree intends to provide: knowledge and skills in pedagogical sciences, sociological, psychological, philosophical and economic, with particular reference to the management of different types of educational services.

Continuing education and management; Management dei servizi educativi e formazione continua