Second cycle degree in

Environmental geology and Earth dynamics

Class: LM-74 - Geology

Class LM-74 - Geology
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language English and Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator PAOLO MOZZI
Access Open access with admission requirements

Next Calls for applications (international students) - A.Y. 2023/24:

  • 1st Call: 2 November 2022 - 2 February 2023
  • 2nd Call: 2 March - 2 May 2023
  • 3rd Call (ONLY EU and equated students): 2 June - 2 August 2023


A course that provides an in-depth scientific training in the disciplines necessary for the study of the Earth system, in its theoretical, experimental and technical applications. You will master the scientific method of investigation and the techniques of analysis, modelling of geological data and management processes and their applications, the expertise needed for the restoration and conservation of the quality of geological systems and those necessary to prevent their degradation. You will be able to work as a freelancer or as an employee, even at top positions, in local or national entities for planning, design, works management, testing and monitoring of geological interventions, coordination and / or management of technical-management structures, thanks to the innovative methodologies acquired.

Earth Dynamics; Geologia applicata alla difesa del suolo e dell'ambiente

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Characteristics and objectives
The Master’ Degree course in Environmental Geology and Earth Dynamics provides the cultural tools and skills necessary to carry out worldwide professional and research work in all fields of geology. Through significant experimental field and laboratory work, students are encouraged to develop autonomous skills of critical analysis, decision-making and interdisciplinary vision that are of fundamental importance in the professional practice of the geologist. This Master's Degree is the ideal continuation for students who, after the Bachelor's Degree, intend to move towards the freelance profession of geologist or work as employees with responsibility and management positions in various sectors of industry and services, in public and private agencies, and in the public administration.
The Master’s Degree course is organized in two study tracks, each one providing specific skills within the framework of the broad profession of geologist.
The study track in Geologia Applicata alla Difesa del Suolo e dell’Ambiente (delivered mostly in Italian) focuses on the engineering geology. It provides the students with theoretical background and practical skills on the study, monitoring and modeling of slope stability, the retrieval and quantification of groundwater resources, soil and subsoil pollution and remediation, geological project design for soil and environmental protection, application of geological and remote sensing techniques for the assessment of geological instability and hazard.
The study track in Earth Dynamics, delivered in English, combines a thorough study of the dynamics and evolutionary processes of the Earth with the application of the most advanced techniques of acquisition, processing and representation of geological data. Geodynamics, mineralogical and petrological processes of the deep Earth are addressed with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, as well as the surface geomorphological and sedimentary processes and their multiple interactions with the evolution of past life and climates. Insights are provided on the prospection and sustainable management of georesources for the energy and mining industry, and skills are developed on the analytical techniques applied to natural and synthetic geomaterials, on the analytical procedures for the protection and restoration of stone materials, on the application of remote sensing to geosciences. A course entirely dedicated to planetary geology offers the possibility of a first approach to the geological study of extraterrestrial bodies, a new and rapidly growing field of application of the geosciences.
An agreement with the Department of Geosciences of the Goethe-University Frankfurt allows top students of the Earth Dynamics study track to study in Frankfurt for a whole semester.
All topics covered by different courses of the two study tracks are further developed in the degree thesis, which takes up the entire second semester of the second year of the course, making up about a quarter of the student's overall study commitment. Closely related to the preparation of the degree thesis are internship activities that have the purpose of bringing the students concretely closer to the real world of work and research, in Italy or abroad. The Department of Geosciences of the University of Padova benefits of a consolidated network of collaborations with universities, research organizations, companies, public agencies dedicated to the administration of the territory, as well as with the Italian Professional Association of Geologists (Ordine nazionale dei Geologi).

Occupational opportunities
The graduates of the Master’s Degree in Environmental Geology and Earth Dynamics can work as freelance professional geologist, in Italy after passing the ‘Esame di Stato’ and subsequent enrollment in the 'section A' of the register of the Italian Professional Association of Geologists (Ordine nazionale dei Geologi).
She/he can find highly qualified jobs, including managerial roles, in geological survey companies and engineering companies, in large companies in the energy, mining and construction sectors, in analysis and research laboratories, in local, national and international, public and private bodies and organizations, in Italy and abroad.
Graduates who have sufficient credits in appropriate groups of sectors will be able to participate in the admission tests for teaching in the Italian secondary school system, in the manner provided for by current legislation.

Earth Dynamics; Geologia applicata alla difesa del suolo e dell'ambiente

Curriculum in Geologia applicata alla difesa del suolo e dell'ambiente 

Degree Study Track in Earth Dynamics (completely held in English)