Second cycle degree in

Developmental and educational psychology

Class: LM-51 - Psychology

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Class LM-51 - Psychology
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language English and Italian
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Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of developmental psychology and socialisation, School of psychology

Application periods - A.Y. 2024/25:

A course that provides theoretical and practical tools for psychoeducational and rehabilitative intervention, as well as for counselling in schools, clinics, and community services. Students study assessment and intervention methods as well as techniques applicable in situations of difficulty, hardship, disability and emergences that affect minors and their families. Student will study the functional aspects of an individual’s abilities such as learning, behaviour, cognitive, and linguistic skills during typical and atypical development. Students will be able to carry out interventions to promote well-being in an educational context as well as preventing discomfort in disadvantaged contexts. With assessments and interventions tools students will learn how development and developmental disabilities and interventions are used in during emergencies and in counselling activities.

Developmental and educational psychology; Psicologia dello sviluppo e dell'educazione

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Characteristics and objectives
Pursuant to Law n. 163 of 8 November 2021 and subsequent implementation decrees, the Master's degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology qualifies to work as practitioners in the field of psychology. The Master's degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology is organized in two main curricula: one in Italian, and one taught completely in English. The Master's degree provides students with cutting-edge scientific knowledge and skills concerning typical and atypical development (cognitive, affective, social, and communicative) and learning (motivation, emotion, and the acquisition of disciplinary knowledge), including difficulties and disorders that occur within educational processes. The program encourages students' active engagement and participation by combining theory with advanced methodology and practice that can be applied to different developmental periods, from infancy to late adolescence, also taking into account cultural perspectives. Students are introduced to the use of assessment and intervention methods and techniques for working in situations in which children and their families experience difficulties or problems, as well as in emergency situations. The English curriculum, though maintaining a specific focus on developmental and educational psychology, combines innovative theoretical issues and research methods applied to typical and atypical development. Thus, special attention will be devoted to research and statistical methods.

Occupational opportunities
Areas of opportunity for this Master's graduates are found in educational contexts (school, educational, and rehabilitation services, etc.), healthcare and societal institutions, local community services (counselling, diagnostic and intervention services, residential child/youth centers, etc.), and in national and international research institutions and centres. The master's degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology will allow to pursue a professional career in fields related to applied developmental and educational psychology, such as in educational or rehabilitation centers for children and youth. In particular, graduates may find occupational opportunities in the following areas: (a) promotion of well-being in educational contexts; (b) intervention in cases of sociocultural and linguistic disadvantage; (c) assessment and intervention related to learning difficulties and disabilities; (d) assessment and intervention related to developmental disorders; (e) interventions in emergency contexts; (f) counselling for parents, teachers, and other professionals in the areas of typical and atypical development, and learning. The master course is also focused on the acquisition of research methods. Thus, graduates in Developmental and Educational Psychology will have the theoretical and methodological competencies required for post-graduate trainings, including national and international PhD programs.

Developmental and educational psychology; Psicologia dello sviluppo e dell'educazione

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