Applied sciences to cultural heritage materials and sites (study track)


Duration 2 years
Branch Padua, Italy
Language English
Access Open access with admission requirements

  • Application periods (international students) - A.Y. 2022/23:

    • 1st Call: 2 November 2021-2 February 2022
    • 2nd Call: 2 March-2 May 2022 (non-EU)/2 September (EU) - APPLY NOW

The Master’s degree acknowledges the recent scientific advances in the investigation of cultural heritage materials at different scales, from the site/landscape survey to diagnostics at the molecular and atomic levels, and the interpretation of derived information. Based on truly interdisciplinary collaborations, the programme offers the theoretical background and the necessary practical knowledge towards the application of scientific methods to archaeological and cultural heritage materials.

Entry requirements:

- Bachelor diploma (or equivalent): a minimum three-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in Chemical and Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computers Sciences, Architectural and Environmental Sciences, Geological Sciences, Geography, Turism Sciences, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology, or Human Sciences, with proven skills and/or motivation in Archaeological Sciences and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
- English language at B2 level as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or equivalent

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