Second cycle degree in

Control Systems Engineering. (2020/2021)

Class: LM-25 - Automation engineering

Class LM-25 - Automation engineering
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language English
Tuition fees and scholarships
President of the Course of Study AUGUSTO FERRANTE
Access Open access with admission requirements
Reference structures Department of information engineering, Scuola di ingegneria

Next Call for applications (international students):

  • 7th April-7th June: non-EU applicants residing outside Italy
  • 7th April-7th July: EU applicants or equivalent

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives

This program forms high level professionals in the field of automatic control. They are capable of modeling and designing control systems for industrial applications and have a solid knowledge of the technological processes for which control systems need to be designed. The program is grounded on a rigorous scientific approach. The student is exposed to methodological topics in the fields of mathematics, physics, and information science. He is also trained in the usage of advanced and modern tools for the design of control systems in the most innovative technological fields. The program is designed to form professionals that will be able to:
(i) adapt to the rapid evolution of methods and technology of the information engineering;
(ii) to collaborate with professionals of other fields of engineering (in particular, mechanical, electrical, and process engineering);
(iii) to design, plan, and manage complex and innovative processes and services;
(iv) to work in environments where English (and possibly other languages of the European Union) is the common language.

Occupational opportunities

The occupational opportunities are in research and development, advanced design, plan and management of complex systems, both as free lance professionals and as employees in private and public companies. In particular, occupational opportunities are in electrical and electromechanical engineering companies, chemical companies, aero-spatial companies and, more generally, service providers and managing companies requiring design and development of automatic control systems

Entry requirements

  • A minimum three-year undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in Engineering or related fields (e.g. Mathematics) is required, with proven skills in Information Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
  • English language: B2 level (CEFR)

(The programme is to be approved)