Second cycle degree in

Nursing and midwifery sciences

Class: LM/SNT1 - Nursing and midwifery

y2024 WUR Subject Nursing badge 200
Class LM/SNT1 - Nursing and midwifery
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator RENZO ZANOTTI
Access Restricted

If you are interested in assisting people with health needs (both at individual and community level), but also wish to take care of improving the organisational and professional context in which assistance is carried out, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the individual contributions in a system perspective , and the needs of individuals in relation to the responses of the health and social welfare services. You will acquire clinical-educational and managerial methodological knowledge to deal with nursing care, through models based on scientific evidence and to plan, manage and verify health, nursing and midwifery systems. As a course that focuses on the individual, it gives great importance to the ethical, deontological and legal aspects. Among other occupations, you will be able to work as a service manager for professionals working in healthcare companies.

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Characteristics and objectives

The master's graduate is able to evaluate the potential and the limits of theories and models for the purpose of their application in the assistance and for the improvement of the quality of the organizational and professional context; to assume consistent behaviour with the ethical, deontological and legal dimensions of people assistance with health needs; to evaluate the health needs of the individual person and the community in relation to responses from health services and social care.
He/she will also be able to set up, coordinate, manage and verify health, nursing and midwifery systems; analyse, organize, manage and verify operating systems of professional health services; to design and operationalise innovative healthcare models based on scientific evidence for prevention and management of priority health problems of the individual and the community; to transfer the scientific research results to nursing and midwife care; to evaluate methods and tools for the analysis and the assessment of the health status of the subject in order to have the nursing and midwifery assistance provided.
Finally, graduates integrate scientific knowledge, clinical-educational and managerial methodologies in response to the specific health need of the individual and the community; deepens and evaluates critically theoretical-empirical knowledge of various disciplinary fields for the purpose of their application in the nursing and midwifery care; can take leadership in professional activities and in interdisciplinary and organizational contexts; designs, evaluates and manages development interventions of professional skills in basic and permanent training.

Occupational opportunities

The master's graduate will have advanced skills in the educational, preventive, assistance, rehabilitation, palliative and complementary fields, in response to health needs and to the quality of services problems. The competence that the course provides also makes graduates able to take on the role of service managers of the professions within healthcare companies, of collaborators and expert collaborators in the field of epidemiological and clinical research, of managers, operators and expert operators in public and private services for the evaluation of the need for professional resources, for the training and the updating and for the improvement of professional and organizational quality. Master's degree graduates of the SNT\1 class are already professional figures qualified to practice the professions of nurse / paediatric nurse / midwife. The Degree Course provides the legal requirement to contribute to the top management function of the health services.