Second cycle degree in

Electrical energy engineering

Class: LM-28 - Electrical engineering

2023 Engineering   Electrical Electronic4
Class LM-28 - Electrical engineering
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator PAOLO BETTINI
Access Open access with admission requirements

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Characteristics and objectives
Electrical energy engineering deals with the generation, transport, management and use of electricity. The Master's Degree in Electrical Energy Engineering offers a broad range of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills that include not only specific technical skills but also a strategic vision required to successfully tackle the technological and socio-economic challenges of the next future. It is recognized that electricity will play a primary role in economic and social development, with increasing importance in industrial societies, due to its very high flexibility and ubiquity of use. The Master's Degree in Electrical Energy Engineering is the natural continuation of the three-year Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering in the cultural area specific of electrical energy.

Occupational opportunities
The companies typically employing graduated in Electrical Energy Engineering are: universities and research centers operating in the electrical and energy field at national and international level; public and private institutions for the management of both conventional and innovative electrical generation systems, networks and devices, at local, regional, national and international level; manufacturing industries producing electrical and electromechanical equipment and systems also in innovative sectors oriented to renewable and eco-sustainable energy; non-electrical manufacturing industries with strong interests in electricity and related matters; engineering companies; professional firms. In the short term following graduation, the employment prospects of graduates in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Energy Engineering are quite high.
According to AlmaLaurea statistics referring to year 2015, one year after the degree, the unemployment rate of those who graduated in electrical engineering at University of Padova is 7.3% (in line with the Italian average of 7.5%), while that of graduates in Engineering at University of Padova (6.6%) is significantly lower than the Italian average of 13.9% and drops to 1.3% three years after graduation. It should also be noted that 66.7% of unemployed people who were not searching for a job did so for study reasons and a further 16.7% were waiting for a call from their employer. On the other hand, good career prospects towards management levels are confirmed, with responsibility for coordination and strategic direction.

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