Second cycle degree in

Geology and technical geology

Class: LM-74 - Geology

Class LM-74 - Geology
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator PAOLO MOZZI
Access Open access with admission requirements

Next Calls for applications (international students) - A.Y. 2021/22:

  • 1st Call: 2 November 2020-2 February 2021
  • 2nd Call: 2 March-2 May 2021(non-EU)/2 June (EU)


A course that provides an in-depth scientific training in the disciplines necessary for the study of the Earth system, in its theoretical, experimental and technical applications. You will master the scientific method of investigation and the techniques of analysis, modelling of geological data and management processes and their applications, the expertise needed for the restoration and conservation of the quality of geological systems and those necessary to prevent their degradation. You will be able to work as a freelancer or as an employee, even at top positions, in local or national entities for planning, design, works management, testing and monitoring of geological interventions, coordination and / or management of technical-management structures, thanks to the innovative methodologies acquired.

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Characteristics and objectives
After completing the Bachelor in Geological Sciences, a student intending to follow the Master in Geology and Technical Geology is compelled to choose among many course options, due to the large spectrum of professional skills that characterize the Earth Sciences. In any case, the final goal is to allow the student to acquire, also through experimental, field and laboratory work, the cultural background and the capability of critical evaluation which are necessary to perform professional and research work in all fields of Geology.
The teaching plan includes detailed courses belonging to two main typologies:
1) common courses on fundamental aspects of the Earth Sciences; these courses are compulsory for all students;
2) a number of courses, specifically addressed to the field that each student intends to specialize in.
This Master degree allows to achieve advanced skills in mathematics and informatics applied to Geosciences, as well as the capability to address geological problems through a robust scientific approach; it warrants a thorough knowledge of the different processes in Earth Sciences; it provides the student with skills in defining geological problems and in proposing proper operational solutions.

Occupational opportunities
Once passed the Geologist Certification Examination ("Esame di Stato"), the MSc in Geology and Technical Geology may work as a freelance geologist, after enrolling in the Section A of the Professional Association of Geologists ("Albo Professionale dei Geologi"). Considering the skills acquired in either Technical Geology, Earth Resources, and general Geology, the MSc in Geology and Technical Geology may work as freelance geologist, both independent or in association with other professionals; as employee or manager in local or national agencies and private companies (e.g., Anas, Enel, Eni, Enea, Anpa, other agencies devoted to the conservation of cultural and archeological heritage, private exploration companies); in geological investigation companies, or in national or international engineering and mining companies; in public and private analytical laboratories in Italy and abroad.
This Master degree allows to specialize in one of the several interdisciplinary areas that characterize the Earth Sciences, and is also the prerequisite to enroll as PhD student and become a researcher or Professor at the University or in highly-qualified national or international research institutions.