Viticulture, Oenology and Marketing (Intra University)


Academic Year  2019/ 2020 

Intra University degree courses: University of Udine; University of Padua; University of Veron; University of Bozen

Class: LM-69 Agriculture

Duration: 2 years

Location: Udine

Language: Italian 

Open access

Course information and admissions: University of Udine website


School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine  - Padova

Teaching activity:  Grapevine Phisiology
Single activity/module and professor: Grapevine Developmental Physiology  (Botton)

Single activity/module and professor: Analysis Of Grape Genome (Varotto)

Teaching activity:  Management Of Local Vine Calamities
Single activity/module and professor: Arthropod Pest Control (Duso)

Teaching activity:  Insights On Wine Composition And On The Management Of Alcoholic Fermentation
Single activity/module and professor: Characteristics and functionality of wine macromolecules (Curioni)

Single activity/module and professor: Management Of Alcoholic Fermentation (Corich)

Single activity/module and professor: Economic enhancement of wine products (Galletto)

Teaching activity: Wine-Growing Policy And Economics
Single activity/module and professor: Political Economy Of The Wine Sector (Pomarici)