First cycle degree in

Cognitive psychology and psychobiology

Class: L-24 - Psychology

y2024 WUR Subject Psychology badge 100
Class L-24 - Psychology
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator GIANLUCA CAMPANA
Access Restricted

A course that deals with the study of sensory, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and motivational processes. The course aims at understanding the role of social and professional interactions and the way in which they change over a lifetime or due to psychopathological or neuropathological conditions. Students will study different areas of psychology including, general, social, and dynamic psychology. Students study the main scientific investigations dealing with attention, executive functions, memory, learning, thought, language, intelligence, and the simulation processes of neural networks. Students will be able to work for organizations that promote and enhance the well-being of others and carry out psycho-educational, psycho-social interventions through the use of tests and other standardized tools used in psychology.

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Characteristics and objectives
This first cycle degree course provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the foundations of the different areas of Psychology, and prepares the students to master the scientific investigation methods and their application to the specific field of Psychology.
Learning is focused on mechanisms of sensory and perceptual processing, on cognitive functions (attention, executive functions, learning and memory, thought and language, intelligence), and on emotional, motivational and personality aspects; it encompasses the way these processes and functions change during the life span or due to psychopathological or neuropathological conditions, their role in social and work interactions, and on the simulation of such processes and functions by means of neural networks. The notions about Psychology and cognitive science are tightly integrated with an in‐ depth study of the neural basis of behaviour.
This course also offers the opportunity, for a few selected and deserving students, to access a double degree path (Italian and Spanish Bachelor's Degree) with two years of study at the University of Granada in Spain.

Occupational opportunities
This course is primarily intended for providing the basic knowledge needed for continuing the studies with the second level of training offered by the
second cycle degree programs in Psychology (Corso di Laurea Magistrale).
However, this degree allows, after a post‐graduate training and the subsequent registration to the Section B of the Professional order (and under the supervision of a psychologist with a second cycle degree), to work for organisations that help individuals, families, groups and communities, to carry out ventures aimed at promoting the welfare and the strengthening of individual and social resources; to realize and verify rehabilitative, psycho‐educational and psycho‐social interventions in several areas (e.g.: work, school or disability), also through the use of psychometric tests and other standardized tools used in Psychology.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
This bachelor's degree course allows access to the Master Degree courses enabling the profession of psychologist according to the Law 8 November 2021, n. 163 and subsequent decrees.
This course provides an excellent foundation of knowledge (with a particular emphasis on methodological and statistical issues), ideal for accessing second cycle degree courses in Psychology, in particular those of the School of Psychology of the University of Padua, such as: Applied Cognitive Psychology; Clinical Psychology; Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation; Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology (the latter course is entirely held in English), Forensic Psychology and Clinical Criminology.
It is also possible, through a conscious choice of appropriate optional exams, to continue studies in the Master's Degree course in Data Science, provided by the School of Sciences of the University of Padua.
The admission to the MD courses takes place according to the procedures that are indicated in the specific calls.