First cycle degree in

Land and landscape restoration and enhancement (2020/2021)

Class: L-21 - Town, regional and environmental planning

Class L-21 - Town, regional and environmental planning
Duration 3 years
Branch Legnaro
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
President of the Course of Study CARLO GREGORETTI
Access Restricted

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The course provides professional skills to manage topics on urban/land planning activity, management and design of actions/measures for land rearrangement/regeneration, landscape enhancement, watershed and soil conservation, green space and natural area protection. The course offers two alternative curriculums, which are specifically focused on occupational specializations. These two curriculums are as follows: i) Protection and enhancement of the land; ii) Landscape, parks an gardens.

Occupational opportunities
The graduated is highly capable of: reading, analyzing, explaining landscape and related structural and environmental contexts. These skills will be supported by the competence on specific software for land/environmental data representation, and they will be corroborated by the capacity of designing, managing, organizing proposals within the framework of amelioration, rearrangement, regeneration and enhancement of land, environment and natural resources. After the graduation, further professional certifications are allowed: junior agronomist/forester (Section B, according to the Italian law), junior architect and planner (Section B, according to the Italian law), graduated building surveyor (training period automatically approved), qualified agricultural technician.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The course permits to access to all MSc degrees in Italy, which are in the topic class LM-48 Land, urbanistic and environmental planning and in the class LM-03 Landscape Sciences. It allows th access, after possible integration with complementary teaching modules to the following MSc courses: a) "Scienze forestali e ambientali" (LM-73; Forest and environmental sciences), "Forest science" (LM-73; held in English), "Scienze e tecnologie per l’ambiente e il territorio" (LM-75; Land environment science and technology), Ingegneria per la Sicurezza Civile e Ambientale (LM-26 Engineering for the civil and environmental protection).