First cycle degree in

Audiometric techniques

Class: L/SNT3 - Technical health professions

y2024 WUR Subject Medicine badge 150
Class L/SNT3 - Technical health professions
Duration 3 years
Branch Venezia
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator ROSAMARIA SANTARELLI
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of neurosciences, School of medicine

This is a recently activated course originating from the Educational Center of the Civil Hospital of Venice, which has now expanded to the University of Padua in response to the demand of professionals in the field of audiometrics. The course allows you to acquire the fundamental theoretical knowledge of hearing and the main pathologies connected to it, including the connection between hearing and language. You will cover topics of cross-cutting interests such as psychology, electronics, and economics. The practical approach allows you to learn how to perform the techniques of an audiometrist which are non-invasive tests such as audiometric examination, psycho-acoustic, and electrophysiological tests. You will have the opportunity to enter the workforce by carrying out your profession in both public and private structures and as a freelancer.

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Characteristics and objectives
The three-years Bachelor's degree of Audiometry aims to provide both academic knowledge and practical training which will equip students with the necessary skills and expertise to pursue a career in Audiometry. Audiometry graduates are healthcare professionals engaged in the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of disorders related to hearing and vestibular system. Graduates will become competent in the assessment and rehabilitation of auditory and balance diseases and in the fitting of auditory and vestibular implanted devices.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates in Audiometry can work as employees or freelancers in public and private health organisations dealing with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing and balance diseases. They can therefore work in hospitals and clinics, hearing loss prevention programs, forensic medicine, rehabilitation centres, medical office sas well as in industries operating in the medical diagnostic sector and in the hearing and vestibular prosthesis sector.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
Graduates in Audiometry are eligible for admission to the Master's Degree Course in Health Professions of Technical Science (Diagnostic), as it will be indicated in the specific notice of admission.