First cycle degree in

Veterinary technical assistance sciences

Class: L-38 - Zoology

y2024 WUR Subject Veterinary Science badge 100
Class L-38 - Zoology
Duration 3 years
Branch Legnaro
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of animal medicine, production and health, School of agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine

The course prepares students with skills needed to care for and manage sick, injured, hospitalized, and convalescent animals. The engaging hands-on approach of both small and large animals offers students the ability to work alongside registered veterinarians. Students learn how to manage the welfare of animals and implement surgical procedures with specific tools. Students learn how to manage the relationship between owners and animals and monitor hospitalized animals. The three-year course, uniquely offered to students in Italy, is characterized by teachings within the health sector and includes practical activities, exercises, and internships inside and outside University structures.

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Characteristics and purposes
The course in Veterinary Technical Assistance Sciences targets students strongly interested in ensuring health and welfare of domestic animals. The specific learning objectives are knowledge, skills and abilities devoted to caring for sick, injured and hospitalised animals, in order to contribute, working together with the Veterinarian, to the ongoing care of animals.
An educational pathway, unique in Italy, has been designed with this aim, with a relevant share of the didactic activities dedicated to practical works.

Occupational perspectives
A graduated student from Veterinary Technical Assistance Sciences will work in farms, shelters and in private and public veterinary facilities, where he/she will provide care, management and ensure the welfare of domestic animals. Furthermore, graduates will be able to practice as freelance making their professional skills available in different facilities.

From the Bachelor's to the Master's degree
The degree course in Veterinary Technical Assistance Sciences give access to the Master's Degree offered by Italian Universities in the class LM-86, “Zootechnical sciences and animal technologies”.
In addition, the Veterinary Technical Assistance Sciences graduate will have the opportunity to access different Master's degree classes according to specific curricula requirements.