First cycle degree in

Science and culture of gastronomy

Class: L/GASTR -

Class L/GASTR -
Duration 3 years
Branch Legnaro
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator FRANCO TAGLIAPIETRA
Access Open access with assessment test

The course is a step towards the proposed training path set by the University in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the food and wine sector. Students are offered a multidisciplinary learning experience in pursuit of professions in the design, management, organization, and planning of gastronomic processes and systems. Students will be prepared to pursue careers such as beverage manager, facility manager (for those with a technical and managerial curriculum), or professions in the agribusiness including development and communication of products (for those with a technical and communication curriculum).

Tecnico e della comunicazione; Tecnico e gestionale

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Characteristics and objectives
The course aims to train a technician with an holistic view of the food and wine sector issues through an interdisciplinary approach characterized by an high cultural level. The graduate can work in the most diverse companies operating in the agri-food supply chain.
The course is organized in two partially distinct curricula that allow the graduate to: 1) operate in the design, management, organization, planning of processes and systems in a gastronomic company (technical and management curriculum).
2) operate in the field of valorization and communication of the agri-food product in a coherent, effective and creative way both within the companies of the sector and at the mass media level (technical and communication curriculum).

Occupational opportunities
The graduate will cover the following roles in the work context:
- technical role in the selection of food products;
- technical-organizational role in restaurants and accommodation companies (Food & Beverage manager, assistant director, structure manager, project manager);
- communicative role in companies operating in the food-gastronomy-restaurant sectors, including companies and consortia acting for the tourism, the food and wine promotion, agritourism and accommodation businesses;
- dissemination role in the mass media (publishing, food and wine journalism, blogger);

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The course gives access to the master's degree courses in 'Food sciences and technologies', 'Italian food and wine', 'Entrepreneurship and innovation', 'Historical sciences' and 'Biotechnologies for food science' according to the modalities that will be indicated in the specific admission notice.

Tecnico e della comunicazione; Tecnico e gestionale