First cycle degree in

Psychiatric rehabilitation technique

Class: L/SNT2 - Health professions for rehabilitation

y2024 WUR Subject Psychology badge 100
Class L/SNT2 - Health professions for rehabilitation
Duration 3 years
Branch Rovigo
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator ANGELA FAVARO
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of neurosciences, School of medicine

In recent years, the growing interest in the understanding of psychiatric diseases have proven that rehabilitation plays a central role in the therapeutic path towards mental health by providing care in the curative-rehabilitative field of those with psychiatric disorders. This course offers the knowledge in becoming a specialist in the psychiatric field through theoretical-practical activities allowing you to develop collaborative skills in assessing an individual's mental health, you will learn how to analyze the needs and available resources concerning the family and in social context. The course prepares you for opportunities in entering the workforce in both public and private structures, and allows you to carry out preventive and educational interventions.

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Characteristics and objectives
The degree prepares the health professionals in the field of rehabilitation with specific competences in the field of psychiatry. The technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation work in a therapeutic context and his/her interventions are directed to children, adults and elderly patients with mental illness or behavioral problems. Moreover, the technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation work in collaboration with other professional figures in a multidisciplinary context in order to help patients in improving their social and cognitive functioning and collaborate in the analysis of needs, maturational pathways and family/social context resources.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation can be defined the set of techniques that are useful in decreasing or preventing the effects of psychiatric diseases and in promoting social and working functioning. It is conceived in a multidisciplinary context, because psychiatric diseases manifest themselves in different backgrounds. It involves individuals, families, and the community. During the three years of the course, students will develop specific competences in the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation by means of both theoretical and practical teaching that will occur in hospitals and community units. The Course in technician of Psychiatric Rehabilitation promotes a cooperation between the University, Hospitals and Health services and aims at preparing health professionals and integration models in line with the recent social and health policies. The degree will abilitate to the profession of technician of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Occupational opportunities
Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation work as employees or freelance professionals in the context of private or public social, educational, health system/services/organizations. For instance they can work in inpatients hospital units or mental health departments, included daycare centers and intensive therapeutic residential rehabilitation centers, in childhood and adolescence psychiatric departments, “Residences for the Execution of Health Safety Measures” in substance or behavioral addiction departments, in eating disorders Units, in Centers for the Rehabilitation of the elderly, children, adolescents, families, etc…

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The course provides license to access to Master's degree in Rehabilitative and Health Professional Sciences, according to further procedures that will be stated in the specific admission/ entrance notice.