First cycle degree in

Viticulture and enology science and technology

Class: L-25 - Agriculture and Forestry

y2024 WUR Subject Agriculture and Forestry badge 100
Class L-25 - Agriculture and Forestry
Duration 3 years
Branch Conegliano
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator SIMONE VINCENZI
Access Open access with assessment test
Reference structures Department of agronomy, food, natural resources, animals and the environment, School of agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine

A course that fits perfectly in the Veneto territorial context, a region ranking at the top in terms of volume of wine production on a national scale. With an approach dedicated to the sustainability and eco-compatibility of products, the proposed training path will offer you a complete vision of the activities and problems of viticulture, exploring in depth the issues related to the vines cultivation and grapes processing, the marketing of wine and spirits and their responsible consumption. This training will allow you to carry out management and control activities for the cultivation and production of grapes, their transformation into wine and derivatives and their conservation and distribution, as well as prepare you for the profession of winemaker.

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Characteristics and objectives
This course provides in-depth knowledge on the main aspects of viticulture and enology and develops professional skills to solve problems in these areas. This study programme explores different aspects of wine industry, from grape-growing to winemaking, from the marketing of wines and distillates to their responsible consumption. Special emphasis will be given to the quality and safety of wine products, to the economy and ethics in the production, as well as on the environmental sustainability of grape and wine production. Therefore, this course will train enologists qualified for the profession in Italy and Europe, as well as preparing them to face the challenges of other international markets.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates will be able to manage and control the production of grapes, in their processing into wine and wine-related products, as well as in their conservation, distribution and delivery techniques, thus preparing them in working towards the improvement of the product quality and the overall sustainability of the wine-industry.
Such activities will be performed predominantly in grape-growing companies, wineries, public and private organizations responsible for conducting analysis, for releasing certifications and for conducting surveys for the protection and valorization of the oenological productions.
Graduates will also be able to find roles within companies working to support the wine production activities, such as those providing materials and equipment (e.g. plants, microorganisms, adjuvants, machinery and ingredients).

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
Graduates from this bachelor degree can access the master's degree in viticulture, winemaking and wine markets (which is jointly managed by the Universities of Udine, Padova, Verona and Bolzano) and to the master's degree in Agricultural Science and Technology, following the rules that will be provided by the specific course admission notice.