First cycle degree in

Orthoptic and ophtalmologic assistance

Class: L/SNT2 - Health professions for rehabilitation

y2024 WUR Subject Medicine badge 150
Class L/SNT2 - Health professions for rehabilitation
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator ELISABETTA PILOTTO
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of neurosciences, School of medicine

In addition to ophthalmologists and opticians (those concerned with the sales of glasses and other correction devices), there are orthoptists. Orthoptists are healthcare professionals that evaluate and treat patients using rehabilitation techniques of ocular diseases such as strabismus or low vision without the use of drugs or surgical interventions. The course offers students not only the basis of basic science (such as biology, anatomy, and physiology) but also specific knowledge in regards to vision and the motor and sensory disorders that affect it. You will have the opportunity to enter the workforce by carrying out your profession in both public and private structures (including centers for the visually impaired and optical centers), as well as working as a freelance orthoptist.

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Characteristics and objectives
The aim of the Course is to form health care operators who will diagnose and treat the motility and sensory dysfunctions of the ocular system using semeiology techniques and diagnostic ophthalmological instruments. At the end of the Course students will be knowledgeable of orthoptic and ophthalmology physiopathology, and will need to demonstrate relations and speaking skills. The competence of the board certificated Orthoptist and Assistant in Ophthalmology concern particularly the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of strabismus, amblyopia, and low-vision.
The Orthoptist and Assistant in Ophthalmology is responsible of the organization, planning and quality control of the professional acts performed in the range of her/his duties.

Occupational opportunities
The Orthoptist and Assistant in Ophthalmology will have job opportunities in several structures of the National and Regional Health System that scheduled this professional figure in their organic, in private practice structures operating within the national health service, such as health care Offices, rehabilitation Centers, specialized Clinics, professional Offices, low-vision rehabilitation Centers, as and employed or private professional.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The three-years Degree Course will give the access to the Magistral Course in Sciences of Rehabilitation of Professional Health according with the modalities described in the specific announcement.