First cycle degree in

Human movement sciences

Class: L-22 - Sports and Physical Education

Class L-22 - Sports and Physical Education
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator TATIANA MORO
Access Restricted

Exercise is an important part of our life; it also serves to prevent the onset of several pathologies related to sedentary lifestyle and obesity. If you are interested in the world of physical activity and sports, this course will give you you a solid biomedical knowledge, allowing you to plan and follow physical exercise, with links to the the clinical and psycho-pedagogical fields; this practical approach will also give you the opportunity to learn about different sports, acquiring technical-training skills. With this course you will be able to carry out your professional activity in the field of physical and sports education in public and private structures, in sports organisations and associations and in economic activities related to sport; you can also enroll in a master's degree to complete your educational path.

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Characteristics and objectives
The graduate is autonomous in the application of training and educational techniques, which take into account the different aspects of the individual: biomedical, psycho-pedagogical and those related to interpersonal communication. To achieve this result, in addition to well-established biomedical and psycho-pedagogical knowledge, which allow an integrated approach to the person, technical-training skills characterize the graduate as a technician capable of prescribing, planning, administering and assessing the correct physical exercise to diverse individuals. The curriculum results in a combination of technical and didactic scientific subjects, with biomedical, medico-clinical and psycho-pedagogical courses, and aims at preparing a skillful professional in the field of maintenance and improvement of human health.

Occupational opportunities
The graduate carries out his/her professional activity in the field of exercise and sports education in public and private structures, in sports organizations and in recreational and social associations, in the field of sports tourism and in sport-related economic activities.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The course gives access to the postgraduate programme in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity (LM-67) and to the postgraduate programme in Science and Techniques of Sport (LM-68).