First cycle degree in


Class: L-13 - Biology

y2024 WUR Subject Biological Sciences badge 150
Class L-13 - Biology
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator CARLOTTA MAZZOLDI
Access Restricted

The study of the complexity of forms and functions of the biological world, including molecular aspects, evolutionary dynamics and organism-environment interactions, are at the heart of this course, which will allow you to acquire an integrated view of biological processes. You will gain methodological, technical and instrumental knowledge and skills on the different levels of the organisation of the living beings, and learn the methods of investigation of biology, adding practical activities to the theory. You may find employment in different contexts, for example dealing with quality control in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietetic food companies or as an expert technician in research entities, industries biology-related sectors, ecological and aquaculture systems, ecological and agro-food companies, parks, natural reserves and museums.

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Characteristics and objectives
This three years degree focus on the organismal level, but it also covers the molecular, cellular and ecological aspects relevant for Biology. The student will learn the methods used in the modern biology and She/He will acquire operational and practical skills. The student will obtain study and communication skills through theoretical classes, laboratories and field excursions.

Occupational opportunities
At the end of her/his degree, the student will have the skills needed to perform quality controls in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. The student will also be able to work as technician in research institutions, industries of the biological field, environmental protection agencies, environmental systems and aquaculture plants, ecological and food industries, feed mills, parks and natural reserves, museums and will be able to perform environmental impact assessments.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The student can directly enroll to master degrees, including Evolutionary Biology and Marine Biology at the University of Padova, following the admission notices published on the University website.