First cycle degree in


Class: L-18 - Business administration

2023 Economics Econometrics5
Class L-18 - Business administration
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator MARTINA GIANECCHINI
Access Restricted

This is a unique course in terms of its innovative learning environment and the international dimension of the educational experience (from the number of courses taught in English to access to projects abroad). Students will study the competitiveness of economic systems, the functional understanding of goods and services, the process of financial intermediation, and the legal aspects of economic management. After a two-year period, the third year is divided into six recommended courses: management, administration & control, economics & finance, international economics, economics & management of public administrations, economics & law. Students are given the tools needed to join the workforce of both private and public companies, professional firms, consultancy firms, banks, and insurance companies.

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Characteristics and objectives
The three-years undergraduate program in Economics is designed to offer our students the opportunity to grow their knowledge of economic phenomena and of the functioning of markets, companies and public institutions, providing a solid grounding in the broad scope of economics and management.
The program aims at providing theoretical and applied tools to study the competitiveness of economic systems, the working of markets, the financial intermediation processes, and the legal issues of the economic management.
Innovative teaching methods and several courses taught in English allow the students to experience a real innovative and international learning environment.

Occupational opportunities
The course opens career opportunities in a wide range of positions, starting from the junior ones, in several organizations (private firms, public institutions, banks and insurance companies, consulting firms, professional service firms, non-profit organizations) and functions (administration, finance, sales and marketing, organization and human resources).

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The three-years undergraduate programme in Economics gives access to all the graduate programmes offered by the Department of Economics and Management: Accounting, Finance and Business Consulting, Management for Sustainable Firms and Applied Economics. Administrative procedures for enrolment are available in the 'Avviso di Ammissione'.
Moreover, the undergraduate degree in Economics allows graduates to enrol in other graduate programmes in Italy or abroad.