First cycle degree in

Statistics for economics and business

Class: L-41 - Statistics

y2024 WUR Subject Statistics and Operational Research badge 100
Class L-41 - Statistics
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator ALESSANDRA DALLA VALLE
Access Open access with assessment test

Statistics is the science that uses tools of a mainly mathematical nature to study the complexity of the world in which we live, in order to trace routes and forecasts: data scientists describe and synthesise data and builds models, including forecasts. In their toolbox, advanced statistical methods, IT tools, rigor and versatility to deal with the most diverse application areas. Like, in this course, the business area of study for the operational management of companies and the socio-economic and financial area for the analysis of individual and system behaviours: you will deal, among others, with marketing, market research, demography and you may choose a methodological path particularly suitable for continuing with your master's studies. You will be able to work in production, service and commercial companies, banking and financial institutions and public entities.

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Characteristics and objectives
The first cycle degree in Statistics for Economics and Business offers an interdisciplinary training in statistics and economics, with a particular attention to business applications, for business management, and to socio-economic and financial applications, for the analysis of individual and system behavior. The course allows the student to develop the necessary skills to deal with (I) market analysis and customer satisfaction; (Ii) business management, control and evaluation of business processes and quality management systems in manufacturing and services; (III) finance; (IV) applications to economic, social and demographic phenomena.

Occupational opportunities
The professional profile of graduates in Statistics for Economics and Business may be employed in several fields: manufacturing and services, commercial, profit and non-profit companies, banking and financial institutions, public institutions. According to personal interests and attitudes, students have the opportunity to specialize in the main statistical applications of market analysis and business management, finance, and social phenomena. With these skills, they can be placed in several areas such as strategic marketing, target market analysis, sales forecasts, research and development, support to the general management, planning and control, quality certification, management of economic information systems, analysis of industrial, labor and territorial policies, study offices, financial promotion, analysis of financial markets and investment portfolios, assessment of customer or user satisfaction, sample surveys, demographic forecasts.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
It is possible to access to the Master's course in Statistical Sciences, in accordance with the specific admission notice.