First cycle degree in

Dental hygiene

Class: L/SNT3 - Technical health professions

Class L/SNT3 - Technical health professions
Duration 3 years
Branch Treviso
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator EDOARDO STELLINI
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of neurosciences, School of medicine

In addition to dentistry, the prevention of oral diseases a dental hygienist works as a health professional in the promotion of and the improving of a patient's oral health. Dental hygienists work not only in tooth cleaning and teeth whitening, but also as educators and non-surgical periodontal therapy, plus much more! This course will allow you to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to carry out this profession as you will be prepared to deal with related and integrative subjects during your academic career (in the field of psycho-pedagogical sciences, health management, ethics, and deontology). With this course you will be able to work in both public and private structures (associated with dentistry), or even open your own independent dental hygiene practice.

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Characteristics and objectives
The Dental Hygiene Programs offered by the University of Padua prepare students to practice as primary oral health-care providers, in collaboration whit dentist. Beside technical skills of the dental hygienist, the students will approach subjects of human and pedagogical science, health management and multidisciplinary science. Moreover the student will learn all the methods necessary to evaluate his own work, law regarding dental hygienist profession with particular attention to radioprotection and ethical.

Occupational opportunities
The graduated perform his professional activities for the public health service and in private practise. He/she joins public health projects about prevention and oral health education.
The work activity can be carried out as an employee or as a freelancer.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The student can continue his academic course joining the postgraduate program in Science of health professions and diagnostic techniques according to the specific admission modalities.