6 years single cycle degree in

Medicine and surgery

Class: LM-41 - Medicine

Class LM-41 - Medicine
Duration 6 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator MARCELLO RATTAZZI
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of medicine, School of medicine

With a rich history of almost eight hundred years, Padua Medical School is among the most prestigious in Italy. This course will allow you to progressively build the knowledge and skills necessary for the profession, starting from a solid biomedical base in the preclinical three-year period and then reaching the clinical-diagnostic aspects in the clinical three-year period, with internship periods starting from the first year; you will acquire a thorough knowledge of the human body, learning to identify the causes and symptoms of the diseases; you will be able to formulate hypotheses of diagnosis and therapeutic proposals using diagnostic tools and tests and you will have the opportunity to carry out translational research experiences. You will also be able to access specialist schools in the medical field and enter the labour market in public or private structures (also as a freelancer), working both independently and in teams.