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Graduated in Natural Sciences and Ph.D. in Veterinary Sciences at the University of Padova.
From 1999-2004 CNR grants on reproduction of new fish species for the diversification of aquaculture and chromosome manipulation of marine fishes for enhancing productivity and to safe the genetic biodiversity of wild populations.
From November 2005 Research Assistant (VET/02- Veterinary Physiology) at the Department of Experimental Veterinary Sciences of Veterinary Faculty of the University of Padova.

Current position
From Year 2015 Associate Professor of Veterinary Physiology at Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Sciences University of Padova, Italy.

Research activity
The research activity concerns fish reproduction and stress indicators in fish, molluscs, mammals and birds in order to evaluate animal welfare in natural and rearing systems. As regard fish reproduction, research aims to set up spawning protocols in captivity to improve aquaculture productions by means of gamete quality enhancement, application of breeding programs and chromosome set manipulation and to diversify fish productions also for restocking purposes. The identification and application of stress indicators in fish and molluscs aim to improve welfare in aquaculture and to evaluate critical condition in the wild. The research team integrate competences of anatomy and physiology by means of different analytical approaches (histology, immunohistochemistry, radioimmunoassay, biomolecular analysis etc) to evaluate influences of environmental and farming condition on farmed and wild fish. The Radioimmunoassay (RIA) laboratory team has great experience in set up of protocols to evaluate steroids in different biological matrices in animals of veterinary interest. The research team have strong relationships with some local aquaculture factories and are completely devoted on studies and activities on the Aquaculture Sector for research and technology transfer to the productive sector. Services to farmers are provided in order to improve and standardize the production cycle of new species for the aquaculture and improve fish welfare. Author and co-author of more than 70 original scientific documents (47 Scopus publications; H-index 17).

Teaching activity
Reproduction in aquaculture and Fish welfare in Marine Biology Master Degree
Animal Physiology in Safety and Hygiene of food products Bachelor;Fish physiology in Specialization Course on Breeding, hygiene, pathology of aquatic species and control of derived products

Referee for several international journals in fish reproduction and animal welfare. Member of:
- European Aquaculture Society
- Marine Biology Italian Society (SIBM)
- Italian Society of Veterinary Physiology (SOFIVET)
Academic roles
- Member of the teacher staff of the PhD School in Veterinary Sciences, University of Padova.
- Coordinator of the Degree Board of the First graded course in Hygiene and Safety of Food products, University of Padova.
- Member of the Teaching Commission of Biology Degree Courses, University of Padova.

Actual Projects
-Functional ontogeny and physiology of the digestive system in juvenile diploid and triploid salmon (Salmo salar). Norwegian Research Council-RFFNord- Collaborator
-Photocatalytic water remediation for sustainable fish farming. PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) – Partecipant
-AQUAFAANG:Advancing European Aquaculture by Genome Functional Annotation. Partecipant


Office hours

  • Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00
    at ufficio-Agripolis-Stecca 1 1° piano
    Comunque disponibile tutti i giorni previo appuntamento/available other days by appointment


Research Area

The research activity concerns fish reproduction and stress indicators in fish, molluscs, mammals and birds in order to evaluate animal welfare in natural and rearing systems and to improve productions.

Thesis proposals

Thesis on research topics.