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I am the founder of of JDMLAb (Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory, website: Come visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Students interested in joining the lab can contact us at this email address:

My research publications can be found at these web address:

My main co-authors and collaborators are:
- Prof. Lorella Lotto
- Prof. Sara Scrimin
- Doctor Marta Caserotti
- Doctor Stephan Dickert
- Doctor Sergio Agnoli
- Doctor Teresa Gavaruzzi

Research lines and topics for perspective PhD students:

1 - Risk perception: How emotional intelligence and psychophysiology influence people's perception of risk, particularly in relation to climate change.

2 - Altruism and prosocial behavior: How people decide whether to make a donation and to help others or not with a particular focus on the tradeoff between perceived cost for the donor and benefit for the recipients.

3 - Complexity: How we can make people aware of the global nature of the challenges facing humanity (e.g., climate change, immigration, nuclear war, economic crisis, pandemics, and AI) and willing to engage on the right actions to manage the risk related to these challenges.

4 - Fake news: What are the reasons why people believe in fake news and what psychological processes (e.g., emotion regulation, beliefs, open-mindedness, risk perception) can be used to debunk this type of information.

Office hours

  • Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:30
    at Dipartimento di Psicologia dello Sviluppo - Via Venezia 8 - Ufficio 008 secondo piano
    A partire da marzo 2024 e per tutto il secondo semestre il ricevimento sarà il mercoledì dalle 9.00 alle 10.30. Rimane possibile l'incontro via Zoom; vi invierò il link una volta concordato l'orario esatto. In tutti i casi va preso appuntamento con il docente così da poter gestire gli appuntamenti in presenza e online senza sovrapposizioni.



All my publications are available downloading the CV.

Research Area

Judgment and decision making; Risk perception; Emotional intelligence and individual differences; Sport psychology.