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Ph.D. Economics and Management of Small firms and Local Development (2001-2004), since 2022 she is Full Professor in Management at the University of Padova, where she teaches Marketing, Advanced Marketing, and Economics and Management of Innovation.
Her research agenda includes issues within the field of management of creativity and innovation in inter-organizational networks. Recently she has been interested in sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. The theoretical focus is on agglomerations (clusters, industrial districts and regions), project based organizations, university-industry collaborations, innovative entrepreneurship. The main research settings are creative industries (design, music industry, ICT), high-tech industries (life science, advanced materials), industrial districts, clusters and regions.
During the years, she has been involved (also as Project Manager) in a number of national, international and EU research projects, and she spent several periods of study and research abroad, at the Copenhagen Business School (DK), The University of Tokyo (JP), the University of Nairobi (Kenya), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (SP), and the Osaka Metropolitan University (JP).
She published articles and book chapters in national and international outlets in the field of inter-organizational networks for innovation in clusters and industrial districts, innovative entrepreneurship and sustainability. She is author or co-author of more than 50 Scopus publications. Her research has been published in journals such as Research Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Project Management, Industry and Innovation, European Planning Studies. She recently co-edited (with Silvia Blasi) a Springer book: “Sustainable Regional Development - Transforming Regional Value Creation”.


Office hours

  • Il ricevimento ha luogo su appuntamento. Si pregano gli studenti interessati di contattare il docente via mail ( Students can meet me on request, please send me an email (



Recently published research

1.Blasi S., Fano S., Sedita S.R., Toschi G. (2022) “A network perspective of cognitive and geographical proximity in sustainable tourism organizations: Evidence from Italy”. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Open access. (Fascia A – ANVUR).
2.Sedita S.R., Grandinetti R. (2022) Beyond R&D: a configurational approach to open innovation in the Veneto region. European Planning Studies, (Fascia A – ANVUR).
3.Sedita, S.R., Blasi S., Yang, J. (2022) The cultural dimensions of sustainable development: A cross-country configurational analysis, Sustainable Development, Open access.
4.Blasi S., Gobbo, E., Sedita S.R. (2022) Smart cities and citizen engagement: Evidence from Twitter data analysis on Italian municipalities, Journal of Urban Management, 11 (2), 153-165. Open access.
5.Sedita, S. R., Belussi, F., De Noni, I., & Apa, R. (2022). The technological acquisitions paradox in the beauty industry. European Journal of Innovation Management, 25 (6), 393-412. Open access. (Fascia A – ANVUR)
6.Sedita S.R., Blasi S., Ganzaroli A. (2022) Exaptive innovation in constraint-based environments: lessons from COVID-19 crisis. European Journal of Innovation Management, 25 (6), 549-566. Open access. (Fascia A – ANVUR)
7.Blasi S., Sedita S.R. (2022) Mapping the emergence of a new research field: an exploration of the intellectual structure of the B Corp research. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 29 (1): 107-123. Open access. (Fascia A – ANVUR)
8.Sedita S.R., Ozeki T. (2022) Path renewal dynamics in the Kyoto kimono cluster: How to revitalize cultural heritage through digitalization. European Planning Studies, 30 (9), 1736-1754. . (Fascia A – ANVUR)

Research Area

My research agenda includes issues within the field of management of creativity, innovation in inter-organizational networks, and sustainable development. The theoretical focus is on agglomerations (clusters and industrial districts), project-based organizations in creative industries, and university-industry collaborations in high-tech industries. The main research settings are creative industries (design, music industry), high-tech industries (life science, advanced materials), Italian industrial districts, and clusters.

Thesis proposals

1) Green innovation and sustainability in industrial districts and clusters
2) Sustainable business models
3) Innovation and SMEs
4) Smart cities and sustainable transition