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Office hours

  • Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30
    at In the teacher office, palazzo PSICO III, via Venezia 14, piano quarto, prima porta a destra
    Il ricevimento studenti di mercoledi 19 e' sospeso perche' il docente e' all'estero per una conferenza. prosegue regolarmente la settimana successiva

Research Area

Evolutionary Psychology:

Sexual strategies, sexual orientation. Infanticide, pedofilia, sexual abuse.

Sustainable development and ecology of nomadic tribal populations (sea gypsies in Southern Thailand, Malaysia and Burma).

Evolution of Personality, adaptive value of human psychopathologies.

Evolutionary forensic psychology, profiling, sexual crimes, risk factors etc.

Animal Behavior:

Environmental monitoring, conservation, and demography of wild Macaca sylvanus, desertification processes.

Nonhuman primate behavior, ecology and demography (Macaca sylvanus in the middle atlas of Morocco).

Human-Wildlife interaction and conflict: Wild Brown bear ecology in the Adamello Alps, fear and co-existence with the local population.

Wolves reintroduction and ecology in Northern and Central Italy, Wolf-Human conflict in recently repopulated areas.

Thesis proposals

I teach only to advanced courses (Magistrali) and these titles refer to these courses:
Evolution of personality (field research)
Conservation and demography of wild primates
Human-wildlife conflict and coexistence
forensic aspects of sexual crimes
Infanticide, neonaticide and reproductive disinvestment
Adaptive value of psychopathologies: dyslexia, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders.
Attractiveness, beauty symmetry and averageness
why pedophilia is so common in catholic priests
Lesbian and gay co-occurrence in families: chance or co-ethiology
Animal wildlife interaction: the case of the brown bear in the Italian alps
Feminicide, incidence, distribution, and prevalence in Italy
Is family right promoting feminicide in Italy?
Profiling violent males at risk of IPV
Mating strategies, partner selection, and Media influence
Thesis are assigned on a competitive basis only. I accept occasional basic (Triennale) thesis provided that the candidate suggest a title and an argument of interest (different from those proposed above) and that they are willing to do a thesis (in other words they want to support or disprove a hypothesis on human or animal behavior), I do not accept candidates with no ideas or suggestions.