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Andrea Galtarossa joined the University of Padua in the Electromagnetic Fields sector as assistant professor (1990), associate professor (1998), and finally full professor (2006) in Electromagnetic Fields.
He was local coordinator of EU projects: ACTS / ESTHER (1996-1998), IST / ATLAS (2000-2002), IP- "NOBEL2" (2005-2007) FP6-2004-IST-4.
He was scientific director of bilateral projects Italy-Korea (2004-2006 and 2007-2009) and Italy-South Africa (2008-2010 and 2011-2013); member of the TPC of “Fotonica”, ECOC (2007, 2008 and 2009, 2011), OFC (2015-7); Technical Co-Chair ECOC 2010; General Chair XX RiNEm and “Fotonica” 2017; member of organizing committee of ICOP 2020.
He was OSA Optics Letters Topical Editor (2008-2013) and subsequently OSA Optics Letters Deputy Editor (2014-2019).
He is a Fellow Member IEEE (since 2018) and OPTICA (since 2016), a member of the Chapter Board IEEE Photonics Italia (since 2008), and an effective member of the Galilean Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts in Padua (since 2017).
The research activity is related to: design of special optical fibers, polarization effects in optical fibers, distributed characterization of single and multimode optical fibers, distributed optical fiber sensors.
He is co-author of about 200 papers in international journals and conferences and designated inventor in 7 US patents; H-index 27 and about 2200 citations (Scopus data).


Office hours

  • at In studio, stanza 207, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Via Gradenigo 6/a, Padova
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Recent publications in Journals:
101. W. Blanc, L. Schenato, C. Molardi, L. Palmieri, A. Galtarossa, D.Tosi, “Distributed fiber optics strain sensors: from long to short distance”, Comptes Rendus – Geosciences, vol. 354, pp.161-183, 2022.
102. L. Marcon, A. Chiuchiolo, B. Castaldo, H. Bajas, A. Galtarossa, M. Bajko, L. Palmieri, “The characterization of optical fibers for distributed cryogenic temperature monitoring”, Sensors, vol.22, No.11, paper #4009, 2022.
103. G. Guerra, S.M.A. Mousavi, A. Taranta, E.N. Fokoua, M. Santagiustina, A. Galtarossa, F. Poletti, L. Palmieri, “Unified coupled-mode theory of geometric and material perturbations in optical waveguides”, Journal Lightwave Technology, vol. 40, No.14, pp. 4714-4727, 2022.
104. L. Palmieri, L. Schenato, M. Santagiustina, A. Galtarossa, “Rayleigh-based distributed optical fiber sensing”, Sensors, vol. 22, No.18, paper #6811, 2022.
105. G. Marcon, A. Galtarossa, L. Palmieri, M. Santagiustina, “Influence of birefringence- and core ellipticity-induced mode coupling on the gain statistics of forwatd-pumped Raman amplified few-mode fiber links”, Optics Express, vol. 30, No.22, pp. 40101-4019, 2022.
106. A. Aitkulov, L. Marcon, A. Chiuso, L. Palmieri, A. Galtarossa, “Machine learning estimation of the phase at the fading points of an OFDR-based distributed sensor”, Sensors, vol.23, No.1, paper #262.
107. D. Orsuti, C. Antonelli, A. Chiuso, M. Santagiustina, A. Mecozzi, A. Galtarossa, L. Palmieri, “Deep learning-based phase retrieval scheme for minimum –phase signal recovery”, J. Lightwave Technology, vol.41, No.2, pp. 578-592, 2023.
108. M. Magarotto, L. Schenato, P. De Carlo, M. Santagiustina, A. Galtarossa, A.-D. Capobianco, “Design of a plasma-based intelligent reflecting surface”, Physics of Plasma, Vol.30, Issue 4, 2023.
109. 108. M. Magarotto, L. Schenato, P. De Carlo, M. Santagiustina, A. Galtarossa, A.-D. Capobianco, “Plasma-Based Intelligent Reflecting Surface for Beam-Steering and Polarization Conversion”, IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp.43546-43556.

Research Area

Theoretical and numerical analysis of the propagation of optical signals in single mode optical fibers.
Evolution of the polarization state of signals in optical fibers affected by random birefringence.
Reflectometric measurement techniques of geometric parameters and mechanical tensions in optical fibers.
Polarization dispersion in birefringent optical fibers.
Fiber optic sensors for measuring acoustic waves.
Optical fiber sensors for magnetic field measurements.
Torsion and mechanical stress sensors for monitoring civil and natural structures.
Few-mode optical fibers.
Theoretical analysis of modal coupling in multicore and multimode fibers.
Experimental characterization of modal coupling in multicore and multimode fibers.