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Associate Professor in Education (M-PED/04) since 2017.
My current research interests relate Documentation and Quality of ECEC and school, Integrated system 0-6 years old, and Alternative education.
I teach Quality organization and Evaluation (Italian), Models and Tools for School Assessment (Italian), and Early childhood and school evaluation for quality education (English).
I’m trying to deepen the facets of the school system, keeping together the topic of assessment and evaluation with the methodologies, the preservice and in-service teachers’ training, the quality models, and the homeschooling phenomena.
In the last five years, I have investigated ECEC and the ongoing building of an integrated system for children from 0 to 6 years old. I visited nurseries and kindergartens abroad (Berlin, Aachen, Vilnius) and am participating in two work groups about “pedagogical territorial coordination” in Padova and Rovigo. I am part of the Nursery and Childhood National Group Committee (GNNI), and I have the opportunity to meet many nursery educators and kindergarten teachers all over the country and colleagues from other Universities.
I am involved in the Data Child Map project (with Prof. Raffaghelli), which examines the uses (and abuses) of technologies that encompass privacy issues, manipulation, and surveillance during the early stages of life. The perspective is one of the Italian context, particularly emphasising the Veneto region.
I am a member of the Ph.D. Program in Pedagogical and Education Sciences (SPEF) and Responsible for International Mobility at the Primary Education Degree. I am a referee for some national and international Academic Journals. Already an Academic visitor in Germany, Spain, England, and Romania, I am a member of some scientific societies: BERA (British Educational Research Association), GNNI (Gruppo Nazionale Nidi e Infanzia), SIPED (Italian Pedagogical Society), SIRD (Italian Educational Research Society).
Teacher Education representative for Unipd in the project (2020-21) Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe – Phase 2 (CALOHE2), TUNING Academy – Univ. Groeningen, NL.
I collaborated on the research project “Evaluating the Impact of the Infant Toddler Centers and Preschools on Children: The Reggio Approach” (James J. Heckman, University of Chicago) for the city of Padova (September-November 2016, and was a member of the Padova Unit of “GenderTime (Transferring, Implementing, Monitoring, Equality) funded by FP7 Science in Society (2013-2016).
I was formerly focused on digital narrative documentation and design and assessment in nurseries (2010-2018).
2010-2017: Researcher in Education (M-PED/04).
2000-2010: music teacher in the lower secondary school with workshop experiences in kindergarten and primary schools. I focused for a short period on music history education and the relationship between cinema and music education. Now I sing in some choirs as alt.
Master’s Degree in Education Sciences (2001), and PhD in Pedagogical and Education Sciences (2007) at the University of Padova. Qualification degree in special needs education, secondary school (University of Venice, 2008). Degree in Piano (1994) and Music Education (1996).


Associate Professor in Education (M-PED/04) since 2017.
My current research interests relate Documentation and Quality in early childhood and school, Integrated system 0-6 years old, and Alternative Education.
I teach Quality organization and Evaluation (Italian), Educational Research and School Evaluation (Italian), and Early childhood and school evaluation for quality education (English).

2023: Teaching and research at Leipzig University (Germania), Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät. Psychologie in Schule und Unterricht.
2022: Guest scientist at Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaft und Psychologie,
Teaching Staff per Erasmus+/KA1
2022: Facultad de Educaciòn/Departamento de Métodos de Investigación y Diagnóstico en Educación, Universidad de Murcia (Spagna)
2019: Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education, Faculty of Education, Univerzita Karlova, Prague (Czech Republic)
2018: Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care, School of Education and Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Chelmsford and Cambridge campuses
2018: School of Education, Liverpool Hope University (UK)
2018: Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Valladolid (Spain)
2017: Faculty of Education at Stefan Cel Mare University, Suceava (Romania)
ARQUS Twinning mobility University of Leipzig (5-10 September 2022). Topic: Early childhood Education and Care.
ARQUS Twinning mobility University of Vilnius (8-12 June 2022). Topic: Assessment in primary school.

Co-director of the International Journal: Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Research and practices

Universal Journal of Educational Research (Horizon Research Publishing, USA (HRPUB) ISSN: 2332-3205 (Print) ISSN: 2332-3213 (Online)
Form@re Open Journal per la formazione in rete ISSN 1825-7321 (online)
TJHE-Tuning Journal for Higher Education ISSN 2340-8170 (Print) ISSN 2386-3137 (Online)
Qwerty - Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education, Interdisciplinary. ISSN: 2240-2950
Interdisciplinary Journal of Family Studies. ISSN 2282-2011
Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education ISSN 1970-2221
Sustainability, ISSN 2071-1050
Education sciences, ISSN 2227-7102
RicercAzione (Journal on Learning, Research and Innovation in Education) DOI: 10.32076/RA13109 ISBN/ISSN: 2036-5330
Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, ISSN 2035-4983

BERA (British Educational Research Association)
EECERA (European Early Childhood Education Research Association)
GNNI (Gruppo Nazionale Nidi e Infanzia), membro del Consiglio dell’associazione.
SIPED (Società Italiana di Pedagogia) con afferenza ai due gruppi di lavoro: 25. Professionalità insegnante: ricerca e innovazione didattica e 1. Pedagogia dell’infanzia tra presente e passato.
SIRD (Società Italiana di Ricerca Didattica)

Office hours

  • Tuesday from 14:30 to 16:00
    at In person or by video call ( The professor is also available before and after lectures.
    Students are kindly requested to ask for an appointment via email, to better organize the reception time.



Publications list 2022-2023

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- Agostinetto, L., Restiglian, E. (2022). Costruire un sistema 0-6 dal basso: la richiesta di formazione nel Coordinamento Pedagogico Territoriale di Padova. In M. Fiorucci, E. Zizioli (a cura di). La formazione degli insegnanti. Problemi, prospettive e proposte per una scuola di qualità e aperta a tutti e a tutte. Sessioni Parallele. Sessione 5 “Sviluppo e formazione continua nel sistema 0-6” (pp. 326-330). Lecce: PensaMultimedia. ISBN volume 978‐88‐6760‐944‐4 ISSN collana 2611‐1322
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- Restiglian, E., Mastropasqua, A.C.A., Bortolotti, E., Galletto, S., Pavan, E., Romagnolo, I., Sardella, I., Todeschin, G., Truscello, M., Azzolin, S. (2022). Infanzia in Lituania. La proposta di alcune strutture educative. Zeroseiup Magazine, 5, 25-33
- Restiglian, E., Truscello, M. (2022). Lituania: suggestioni per un sistema integrato. Zeroseiup Magazine, 4, 11-16.
- Stecca, E., Grion, V., Zaggia, C., Restiglian, E. (2022). La pratica del peer assessment nella scuola primaria. Una ricerca sistematica della letteratura. Giornale Italiano della Ricerca Educativa, 28, 85-95.
- Mastropasqua, A.C., Tonegato, P., Restiglian, E. (2022). Lo Slingerland Approach. Compensare le debolezze in lettura e scrittura mediante i punti di forza. DIS, 2 (3), 195-222.

Research Area

GRiFoVA (Gruppo di Ricerca e Formazione per la Valutazione e l'Apprendimento - Research and Training Group for Assessment and Learning) is composed of lecturers and researchers from the FISPPA Department(Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology) of the Padova University, and teachers from primary and secondary schools in the Veneto Region.
Professors Valentina Grion and Emilia Restiglian coordinate the group.
GRiFoVA was established in June 2017 with the primary aim of investigating the topic of assessment in schools through empirical research in connection with the school context and with teachers. There are currently three in-depth focuses being researched: Peer Evaluation, the focus on Differences in Evaluation Processes, and the construction of evaluation and self-evaluation environments.
Since 2023, I have started a working group dealing with peer feedback in pre-schools, on which a paper was presented at the EECERA 2023 conference.

CONSTRUCTION OF AN INTEGRATED EDUCATION SYSTEM FROM BIRTH TO SIX YEARS (territorial pedagogical coordination, initial education policies, and models, continuous education)

QUALITY OF THE SCHOOL AND INTEGRATED SYSTEM (school evaluation, teacher evaluation, school effect, school effectiveness, national and international surveys)

HOMESCHOOLING (models and good practices, interaction with the national school system)

Thesis proposals

The research topics I work on, and for which the undergraduates working at their thesis are welcome, are:

1. Alternative education and homeschooling
2. Documentation processes in early childhood and school
3. Integrated system 0-6 years old
4. Outdoor experiences: assessment and evaluatiopn
5. Educational and school continuity
6. Evaluation of schools and early childhood education and care facilities
7. Self-assessment practices in early childhood and school
8. Peer assessment practices in school
9. School assessment: format, models, and practices
10. School effectiveness and "school effect"