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Raffaella Filippini - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology (SSD BIO/15).

1988 graduated at the University of Padova (Faculty of Pharmacy) with a degree in Pharmacy
1987-1988 Guest researcher at Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry dr. Traldi, CNR (Padova)
1991-1992 Guest researcher at Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires Prof. Bourgaud - Nancy France
1990 Researcher in Faculty of Pharmacy at Padua University
from 2006 Associated Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Padua

Member of the Accreditation and Assessment Group (GAV) for degree course in Applied and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Member of Società Italiana di Fitochimica (SIF) and Società Italiana di Fitoterapia (SIFit).

Author of publications of international and national journals.
Her main scientific interests are in the field of medicinal plants with the following research lines:
- morphological and chemical characterization of plants with pharmaceutical and toxicological interest;
- chemical characterization and identification of new natural source of biologically active compounds;
- biosynthesis and accumulation of natural products in plant cell cultures;
- development of new analysis approaches for natural products;
- in vitro secondary metabolites production and micropropagation of medicinal plants;
- characterization of enzymatic activity in plant cell culture to obtain valuable derivatives with industrial prospects.


Office hours

  • Il docente riceve gli studenti ogni giorno previa comunicazione tramite e-mail. Every day by e-mail appointment.



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Andreola B, Piovan A, Da Dalt L, Filippini R, Cappelletti E (2008) Unilateral mydriasis due to Angel's Trumpet. Clinical Toxicology 46(4):329-331.

Research Area

1. Plants both as source of important secondary metabolites useful for pharmaceutical purposes and as food ingredients with the following research lines:

- identification and chemical characterization of new natural source of biologically active compounds;
- development of new analysis approaches for natural products;
- use sustainable and conservation solutions: biosynthesis and accumulation of natural products in in vitro cell cultures, development of systems for in vitro secondary metabolites production, and micropropagation of medicinal and endangered plants;
- morphological, histochemical, ultrastructural and chemical characterization of plants with pharmaceutical/food and toxicological interest;
- characterization of enzymatic activity in plant cell culture to obtain valuable derivatives with industrial prospects;
- in vitro biocatalysis and enzyme production to develop processes in enabling green chemistries;

2. Algae both as food resource and raw material for obtaining phytochemicals.

Thesis proposals

Positions for experimental and article-based theses are available. The main experimental activities concern plant cell cultures, and medicinal and food plant study. Self-proposed article-based thesis arguments are also welcome. Contact us for more informations.