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Born in 1973, Cinzia Sada graduated in Physics in 1997 (full marks cum laude) at the University of Padova and received the PhD degree in Material Science in 2001 at the University of Catania. After a post-doc fellowships at the University of Padova (2001-2002) dedicated to the waveguide formation and crystal growth, she worked as a researcher at INFM-CNR (National Institute for the Physics of Matter, 2003-2006) and then as researcher at the University of Padova (2006- October 2014) and UNIPD Associate professor (2014-2021). Since July 2021 she is Full Professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Padua.
Her research activities focus on biosensing light-driven tools in advanced opto-microfluidic platform as well as the development of integrated opto-microfluidic circuits, Integrated visible frequency converter based on doped periodically poled lithium niobate crystals with enhanced optical damage resistance, and Photon-lab on chip for chemical analysis. Moreover, she has been actively contributing to the incorporation and characterization of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles in insulating materials and relative dynamics of formation for applications in nonlinear optics, investigation of new materials for sensing perspectives as well as processes for the tailored modification of surfaces and interfaces response, with particular care devoted to application in sensors and production/detection of light elements and coating applications. The research activity has been carried out leading many post-docs fellowships (15 contracts), PhD theses in Physics and Material Science (>10) and several graduation theses in Physics (>65, master&Bachelor theses).
She is coauthor of more than 300 publications in international referred journals, more than 20 publications in proceedings and more than 30 contributes in international and national congresses and workshops (36 orals, 10 invited). She contributed to several different specialistic books (Integrated Ring Resonator, Optofluidics and on ferroelectric materials) as well as writing dedicated chapters. Citation: 7911 (Scopus - 2012-2022 period), in the last 5 year citations > 600/year; H-index: 48 (Scopus)
In the period 2009-2015 she was Delegate of the Rector for the promotion of the opportunities of the Young researchers and member of University commissions (on the post-docs and FSE activities), member of the management committee of a COFUND project Piscopia (2014-2018). Since 2016, she has been nominated UNIPD responsible for the HRS4R European accreditation process of the university. Since October 2020 she has been elected Dean of the School of Physics (CCLA-Fisica).
She is referee for many Editors such as Springer, Elsevier, IOP, AIP and Taylor and Francis, referee MIUR and for VQR (GEV2) as well as European agencies of funding.
As a teacher, since 2001 she has been engaged in teaching at the Padova University in the courses of Physics, Physics of Matter and Solid State Physics for Engineers and since 2010 she has been teaching Experimental Physics for the degree in Physics and Fundamental of Structure of Matter for the bachelor degree in Physics.


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  • Monday from 11:30 to 12:30
    at Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia
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